Law student complains that essay bought online was not up to scratch

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And the internet goes wild


An unnamed UK law student provoked outrage over the weekend after complaining to a national newspaper about the poor quality of an essay that they had purchased online.

Identifying themselves only as ‘MM, London’, the student wrote in to the Guardian‘s ‘Consumer champions’ section in a plea for help over an “appalling essay” which apparently cost £200.

Commenters on the Guardian website and on social media predictably were not impressed by the gripe. Indeed, some viewed it as so extraordinary that they speculated that it had been deliberately created to “troll” the paper. We have a photo of the complaint in full below so you can judge for yourself.


Essay writing services and paid-for training contract application model answers are widely used by law students, with the challenging nature of the subject and competition for the best graduate jobs fuelling demand.

Often, it is law graduates themselves behind the online companies dealing in this controversial trade. Famously, one former Bar Professional Training Course graduate made it onto the Sunday Times rich list after racking up a fortune flogging essays online. And more recently Legal Cheek has uncovered two young lawyers claiming to be at DLA Piper and Weil Gotshal & Manges selling training contract application advice online for £40-£45 an hour.



They are not “widely used”. Don’t be so insulting.



So excited I found this article as it made things much qurceki!



They are not “widely used”. Don’t be so insulting to the vast majority of students who work hard for their degrees.


Your mate

Come on mates. Calm down mates.

Widely used doesn’t mean majority use. Something can be in wide use if used by many but not most.


Not Amused

I have decided to believe the Guardian is simply up to mischief and that the story is untrue.

I remain of the view that our current generation of young people is the hardest working and most committed generation that we have seen in a very long time.



Must’ve been a London Metropolitan University student.

There’s no law school shitter in this town.



Why did you go there then?



Hah, I went to London South Bank University fool!

A true powerhouse of learning in the depths of Elephant & Castle. So what that I developed severe PTSD, it was worth it.


Quite Amused by Not Amused

I see by the quality of arguments here that, indeed, a generation of devastatingly fine graduates will soon hit the legal services market.



are you a devastatingly fine graduate?


Quite Amused by Not Amused

Yes. Yes I am.



I paid Nigel Farage to write my EU law coursework for me. It got me a B -.



One suspects the writer to the paper is having some Baantaah!



…and then I chundered everywhere!


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