Lord Harley lawyers up in preparation to fight strike-off decision

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By Thomas Connelly on

Alan Blacker was booted out of the profession last week after a host of accountancy and dishonesty allegations were proven against him


Colourful solicitor-advocate Alan Blacker has lawyered up in preparation to fight a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) decision to boot him out of the profession.

Blacker — who sometimes opts for the name Lord Harley of Counsel — was given his marching orders last week after a host of accountancy and dishonesty allegations were proven against him. Blacker was also slapped with a hefty £86,000 costs order.

Blacker did not attend the two-day hearing claiming he was too unwell to travel from his home in Rochdale to London.

Now, according to the Law Society Gazette, Blacker is set to challenge the SDT’s decision. This afternoon’s report claims that that Dr Anton van Dellen (pictured below) of London’s Goldsmith Chambers will represent Blacker on a pro bono basis.


In a statement issued earlier today, van Dellen said that Blacker “was unable to attend the hearing due to his disabilities.” Disclosing that this would be the basis for his application for a rehearing, van Dellen revealed that Blacker was “very disappointed” with last week’s decision.

Continuing, the former neurosurgery registrar turned barrister, said:

He [Blacker] is very concerned that reasonable adjustments are not being made for his disabilities, as is required by law. He is also amazed by the extremely high level of costs incurred by the SRA.

Blacker — who first shot to fame after an in court dust-up with Judge Wynn Morgan — denied any wrongdoing. He has 21 days from the publication of the judgment to appeal.

Legal Cheek has contacted van Dellen for comment.

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