Morning round-up: Monday 11 July

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


John Prescott: UK broke international law by invading Iraq in 2003 [The Guardian]

Jeremy Corbyn says he will mount legal challenge against his party in row over whether he will be on Labour leadership ballot [The Sun]

Cliff Richard starts legal action against BBC and South Yorkshire Police [BBC News]

Elite law firms sanguine on Brexit fallout [Financial Times]

Why your paralegals hate you [The Lawyer]

Brexit: Letter saying EU referendum result “not legally binding” signed by 1000 lawyers [The Independent]

Legal experts: There should be a second Brexit referendum — but there probably won’t be [Business Insider]

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq could launch legal action against Tony Blair and George Bush [The Mirror]

YouTube star launches first UK legal action against website which featured revenge porn uploaded by her ex-boyfriend [Mail Online]

Building law firms for millennials—a challenge or an opportunity? [Future of Law Blog]

“PEP does not mean private equity partner. PEP means profit per equity partner.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Radcliffe Chambers is seeking a third six pupil [Legal Cheek Hub]