Neo-Nazi who shot dead former Freshfields junior lawyer sentenced to 11-and-a-half years

Family outraged as Luke Holland’s killer given a reduced sentence because he was drunk


A German man found with illegal Nazi memorabilia in his flat has been sentenced for the killing of an Oxford educated, former Freshfields lawyer.

But his family have been left bewildered after murderer ‘Rolf Z’ was given a reduced sentenced because he was drunk.

The 63-year-old killer — who benefited from the laws of diminished responsibility — shot 31-year-old Luke Holland in the stomach as he left a nightclub in Berlin. He was found in a pool of blood by a passer-by and died on his way to hospital.

The private equity specialist had been living in the German capital to launch a tech start-up. Before that, he had trained and worked as an associate at the elite magic circle firm’s London office.

A German father of three known only as Rolf Z was found guilty of Holland’s murder, and though the family’s lawyer pushed for him to receive a minimum jail term of 15 years, he was instead sentenced to 11 years and eight months.

According to The Standard, the deceased family are incensed. Cousin Craig McElhinney told the newspaper:

I just don’t understand their legal system. His parents texted me just to say, ‘We are relieved it’s all over’. They know nothing will bring their son back but they are furious that the defence gets to appeal to shorten the sentence even further but they don’t get a chance to demand a longer time.



I don’t understand why “Rolf Z” gets protection under the law. Germany ought to name and shame the muderous scum.


As he apparently had illegal Nazi memorabilia, I imagine that the reason why German authorities did not name Rolf Z is because he may well be idolized or seen as some sort of martyr by individuals and groups who sympathise with his abhorrent beliefs or views.


It is standard practice for German defendants and even those convicted to be referred to only by a first name and an initial, and will have nothing to do with the Nazi memorabilia but more prevailing German cultural mores about “naming and shaming.”

The German criminal legal system seems to be slightly odd and perhaps behind the times to a British observer: I was reading recently that until recently they had a curious and disturbing approach to certain rape cases:


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In England and Wales this would have been a life sentence with a tariff of around 30 years to serve before becoming eligible for parole, possibly even a whole life order.

See CJA 2003 Schedule 21.


And being drunk would not amount to diminished responsibility or a mitigating factor!


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