Judge puts bizarre ‘woof justice’ note on his windscreen because he wasn’t allowed to take his dog into the pub

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By Katie King on

The police have quizzed him about his eccentric behaviour


A judge has been questioned by police after he allegedly harassed a bar owner who wouldn’t let him bring his dog, Marley, into a pub.

It seems fact truly is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The — very — bizarre chain of events began when a 46-year-old barman, Michael Robinson, refused to allow 65-year-old judge Simon Newell into a Lancashire wine bar with his dog on a Saturday night. This is because the pub served food, and he was offered a space on the patio instead.

Not content with his patio table offering, The Sun reports that Newell, who often sits in Burnley and Preston Crown Courts, “stormed off”, before setting out to wreak revenge on Robinson.

It’s then alleged that Newell parked his blue Golf GTI outside the pub with a series of odd posters stuck to the windscreen.

One included a picture of Newell’s dog with a “mocked-up gag” across his mouth. One of the announcements called for “woof justice”; another called Robinson “fat”.

After the police questioned the disgruntled dog owner, Newell left — yet another — notice in his car, (mock-up below) this time apologising “unreservedly” to “the blameless and saintly Mr Robinson”. The announcement wished the bar owner “a dog-free future” and included the line “I will bark no more”.


Apparently no crime was committed here, but it’s certainly behaviour sure to raise a few eyebrows…