Judge who dropped C-bomb in court to be investigated

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By Thomas Connelly on

Judge Patricia Lynch QC branded thug “a bit of a c**t”


A top judge, who dropped the C-bomb during the sentencing of a defendant, is set to be investigated by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO).

Judge Patricia Lynch QC left a courtroom stunned earlier this week after branding John Hennigan “a bit of a c**t”.

Having breached his anti-social behaviour order for the ninth time, Hennigan was appearing before Lynch at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Halfway through Lynch’s sentencing remarks, Hennigan interrupted court proceedings, calling the experienced judge “a bit of a c**t”.

In a move that has since whipped up a frenzy on social media, Lynch quickly responded:

You are a bit of a c*** yourself. Being offensive to me doesn’t help.

Hennigan, continuing his verbal assault, yelled “go f*** yourself.” Lynch — on this occasion acting with more restraint — responded “you too”.

Lynch, who became a circuit judge 2014, eventually jailed Hennigan for 18 months for insulting and making racist slurs towards a black Caribbean woman.

Now, having complaints about Lynch’s language, the JCIO is set to investigate the incident. A spokesman said:

The JCIO has received complaints regarding HHJ (Her Honour Judge) Patricia Lynch’s comment in court which will be considered in accordance with the Judicial Conduct (Judicial and other office holders) Rules 2014.

The event — which gained widespread media coverage — has divided opinion among Legal Cheek readers.

One commenter suggested Lynch’s actions have done “her and the courts no favours”. While another, more supportive of the Lynch’s no nonsense approach, proclaimed “Patricia Lynch for president”.