Thief handed suspended sentence for stealing Luton Crown Court roof

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Silly season is finally here


A thief has been slapped with a nine month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to stealing lead from Luton Crown Court roof.

Wayne Common, 35 — clearly undeterred by the building’s status — admitted climbing onto the roof of Luton Crown Court on no less than five separate occasions during the month of May.

St Albans Crown Court heard how Common’s actions had caused significant damage to the court building, and left many areas, including the jury room, “difficult to use”. No wonder: he managed to remove £17,000 worth of lead tiling.

Overnight security at the court had to be stepped up as a result.

Pleading guilty to six counts of theft — including stealing lead from other residential property in Luton — Common also admitted being in possession of an offensive weapon and failing to surrender.

Sentencing Common to nine months in prison, suspended for 15 months, Recorder Amanda Tipples QC concluded that he probably had help from an unknown accomplice. Common will also take part in a drug rehabilitation programme.

Silly season is off to a strong start. Next up: law student battles Great White Shark off the coast of St Ives.



I look forward to reading about the law student battling a great white shark. When can we expect to have this for our perusal?



Easily led on, no doubt.



The irony of a legal cheek “journalist” complaining about silly season



Tenner bet he is an ex Irwin Mitchel PI paralegal that got shown the door post costs changes.



Twenty quid he is a current IM partner trying to make ends meet.



250 years ago, he would have been dancing the Tyburn jig for this crime.



Tipples and Common sounds like a 1960s comedy duo.



Luton is officially the toilet of the U.K.

I speak from experience.



Going to the toilet?


Gus the Snedger

Yes, since you ask.

Want to join me?


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