Gowling WLG lifts post-Brexit vote pay freeze

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International law firm suspended its annual pay review earlier this summer


Gowling WLG appears to have recovered from its case of the post-Brexit jitters, revealing today it has lifted a pay freeze it had imposed on all lawyers and support staff.

In the wake of the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union earlier this summer, the firm put its annual salary reviews on hold. Originally scheduled to take place towards the end of June, Gowlings’ bosses fired off an email to staff explaining that discussions regarding pay were off the table until “autumn”.

Now almost two months on, and true to their word, Gowlings has confirmed it will now restart the pay review process. Speaking to The Lawyer (£), Gowling WLG’s co-CEO, David Fennel, confirmed discussion regarding pay increases will restart this week and, as promised, be backdated to the start of July.

At the time of the original pay freeze announcement, the firm did stress that bonuses for the year “were paid as usual” and “all planned summer promotions” went ahead as scheduled.

But Gowlings isn’t alone in its pay review strategy. Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP), Trowers & Hamlins and Addleshaw Goddard have all taken similar action.

Citing “political and financial uncertainty” BLP was the first City firm to freeze pay after what many considered to be a shock referendum result. In an email to all the firm’s lawyers and staff, BLP managing partner Lisa Mayhew described the decision to freeze pay as the “responsible and prudent thing to do”.

Meanwhile — in a leaked 500-word email — Trowers & Hamlins’ head honcho Jennie Gubbins confirmed the decision on whether or not to increase lawyers’ salaries would be delayed until September, amid fears about “any bumps there may be in the road ahead”.

Finally, Addleshaw Goddard — pointing the finger firmly at Brexit — chose to “defer” pay increases back in August. Stating there had been an “impact on activity levels”, the firm revealed that pay reviews would now take place in “early autumn”. Now that we’re in autumn, it’s over to you Addleshaw.



Sorry, who on earth are Gowling WLG?



A disease of the lower intestine. Pop these suppositories in there for a couple of weeks and it should clear up.


A Trainee


Let me help you with that one.

Gowling WLG are less prestigious than Nabarro or AG, but still not as bad as Irwin Michel.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

A Trainee



Must be a great feeling, working at a firm that’s worse than Nabarro (TURBOLOL), but ‘better’ than Irwin Mitchell.

Quality TC you got there matey.


US Trainee

What kind of imbecile uses the word “turbolol”?

Something about stones and glass houses springs to mind…

Adam Deen

You Must be a Reed Smith trainee, cocksmoker.


Wragge Lawrence got taken over by Gowlings who are a big Canadian IP firm


Disgruntled Associate

Addleshaw top dogs HAVE to increase salary.

The morale here is shocking. All the effort into merging and high PEP but still no salaries increase. We are hoping for 5% at least (if we are lucky, talks of 10% are far too lunatic).

Some of us are ready to bail.


Another disgruntled trainee

Hah, especially after even Stephenson Hardwood increased up to £65k.

The pressure is mounting, Addleshaws.


Adam Deen

I have a feeling Jones Day is next, I was expecting a bonus on my billables this year, not looking good.



Jones Day don’t give out any bonuses you fucko.


Adam Deen

Yes they do, fucktard, don’t try telling me about who i work for.

It’s called Blackbox compensation.

They don’t pay associates bonuses the traditional way, they roll them into our salary, hence why we have a policy on not revealing our salaries. Because after first year, everyone gets paid differently, some more than others, due to their bonuses being rolled into their salary.

Educate yourself –



Wow, you managed to post an old link to the firm’s supposed US ways of bonus compensation. Completely unrelated to the UK shop.

Well done.


Lord Lyle of Statistical Analysis.

Aha Deen is undone


Adam Deen

No cancer, you just don’t know shit about my firm, goes to show you’re not actually qualified.



Last week in the DLA article (which you called a MC firm) you were crying about TC applications…this week you’re a JD associate?


Adam Deen

No, i was crying over how shitty the drama on this site was. DLA maybe small here but in my eyes it is an MC firm internationally. The Blackbox Compensation applies here in the U.K too, You just don’t see JD people talk about it because it’s introduced 1PQE+ (In rare exceptions a partner might pay a trainee for his loyalty and good work “off the books” by bank transfer albeit i’ve only met one trainee who nabbed this deal but she was fucking everyone…. so yeah and also due to shitty policies.



“i need to stop going for an MC TC but i don’t know what to do with my life.”

That was you last week mate.

Your move.


Hahahahah, well done mate, this is beautiful. 🔥🔥🔥


You are so utterly full of shit, incredible. I worked at Tudor Street for a number of years and not a word of what you just wrote is correct.

Seems to me like you’re some severely disturbed individual flaming away on an Internet forum who’s never come close to working in law.

However, I do give you some credit for those islamophobic rants you posted a couple of days ago as they at least were an entertaining example of what an imbecile you must be.

Take a look at this khunt

DLA “is an MC firm internationally”?

Ok, we’re done here. 😂😂😂


He also claimed to be from a one parent family, with only £9k income, after mentioning a dad who is a partner at a law firm. I call lying troll (and await the inevitable stream of abuse).


Adam Deen

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Whatever you say bro 😆

Master Yoda LLB

The keyboard warrior rage is strong with this one.

Small dick and tiny nuts fear I.

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