I got a 2:2 in my law degree because I suffered from depression, can I still get a training contract?

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I hope my degree result isn’t an insurmountable hurdle


In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one law graduate wonders whether her 2:2 will spell the end of her solicitor dreams.


I’m a recent law graduate from a redbrick university. Due to the severe depression I suffered in second year, and the resulting physical health problems of said depression in third year, I only managed to obtain a 2:2. However, my academic achievements prior to university were consistently high. In my first year, I believed there was nothing worse in life than getting a 2:2, but my depression has given me more life perspective and thankfully I wasn’t as gutted about my result as I thought I would be. That said, I’m aware that with around 70% of graduates obtaining 2:1s, I’m not exactly in the best position to embark on a legal career. I wanted to ask for advice on realistic routes into the legal profession given my circumstances, to be specific, whether it would be possible for me to secure a training contract after doing the LPC. Would a 2:2 prove an impassable barrier? And should I declare the mitigating circumstances which affected my academic performance?

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