Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 26 September

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


EU: Attacks on civilians in Aleppo “breach” humanitarian law [The Telegraph]

British troops must face investigation for war crimes in Iraq, insists Corbyn [The Express]

The many hurdles of Brexit [Jack of Kent]

Brussels must fight and beat McDonald’s in the battle for tax justice [The Observer]

Labour delays justice review until summer 2017 [Law Society Gazette]

Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar killed outside court before trial [Sky News]

Brexit: Northern Irish legal challenge to referendum to involve Attorney General [The Independent]

What makes a ‘Smart Contract’ smart? [Future of Law Blog]

The law is an ass: Mooning banned at arse end of the world [The Register]

Stressed out? LawCare is here to help: call confidentially [LawCare]

Event: How to become a projects lawyer – with Burges Salmon. Apply to attend here [Legal Cheek Hub]

“A mate of mine got put for the duration of his vac scheme in a corner office with this obese flatulent partner who’d periodically nuke the room so bad his eyes would water.” [Legal Cheek Comments]


Lord Lyle of Hatingdon

Let’s go champ!


Lord Lyle of common or garden law

What is “Humanitarian Law” as compared to reptilian or simian law?



Humanitarian law is a philosophical and political view point you idiot.


Not Amused

How do you breach a view point?


Not Amused

David Allen Green is part of the tiny minority of committed Brexit deniers. They are tiresome. They are also remarkably few in number. Why are the views of such a small minority so vocal?

They’ve been proved economically illiterate. They’ve been shown to know nothing about the EU having denied the EU army etc. Why don’t they have some basic human shame and stop banging on?


Lord Lyle of Forensic Psychiatry

Compulsive Drum Bangers NA. It comes under the DSM and ICD under compulsive disorders.

We have quite a few here mostly under compulsive abuse.



Qualify as NQ at MC or jump ship to Kirkland, and why?


archbishop of banterbury

Your mum enjoys compulsive abuse.


Lord Lyle of Forensic Psychiatry

Fascinating. There is enough material here for an entire convention.
What I have noticed is that LC allow 2 particular severe retards, who in my statistical analysis are likely members of their family.

I have encountered this many times before, where the admins let them on out of Familial emotionalism to the sufferance of us all.


Lord Lyle is a Cupcake

I’m your family bro. I fucked your mum before you were born. Nice to meet you, son.


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