Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 21 September

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Lord Justice Jackson questions policy of removing court funding while raising fees [The Guardian]

Almost half of law firms are looking to merge or acquire in the next year, as they seek out ways to tap into specialist knowledge [City A.M.]

Legal services for the needs of the many not the few [New Statesman]

Sir James Munby voices fears over ‘crisis’ in child care cases [BBC News]

The prosecution of Gazza raises some troubling questions [The Secret Barrister]

Trader makes legal history as first person in UK prosecuted over selling Android streaming boxes [Mirror]

Donald Trump ‘used $258,000 from his charity to pay legal settlements’ [The Telegraph]

WhatsApp threatened with legal action over Facebook data sharing deal [The Independent]

Who is Laura Wasser? Angelina Jolie hires ‘queen’ divorce lawyer who’s worked for string of Hollywood celebrities [Mirror]

Review: Legal Cheek’s training contract open thread — with advice from two RPC trainees [Future Lawyer]

Can you legally consent to a head transplant? [Washington Post]

Free event: How to become a projects lawyer — with Burges Salmon [Legal Cheek Hub]

“This isn’t surprising. These firms have not grown substantially in London for a considerable amount of time. With the increased use of outsourced/admin centres in Manchester/Colchester/Warsaw/India/Belfast…” [Legal Cheek comments]


Not Amused

It is about time that Judges spoke out.

I do not accept the argument that judges are automatically unable to campaign or to talk to the press. Yes, junior judges should stay quiet. Yes, senior judges should avoid any party political affiliation/support/attack. But, constitutionally Britain is in an odd position where the courts (which are a major part of any government) are joint run by the executive AND the senior judiciary. That makes those members of the senior judiciary public servants.

They need to start actively running their share. That means taking responsibility – so yes, I do expect the head of a division to know what goes on in his lesser courts. But they also need to start speaking to the press about specific issues.


Lord Lyle of Statistical Analysis.

LC is improving. Advice is not only offered by trainees, but in the case of Burgundy & Salmon, by actual lawyers. Well done LC.

Btw Not Amused , I can tell by how you spoke England that you might be a real lawyer. Could you confirm this for my statistics?


Lord Lyle of Hatingdon

Let’s go champ!



Not clicking on that.


Lord Li Lee of Luang Ho

O excellent LC, as we must now be all inclusive and ever so PC, you must have at least one person in a persistent vegetative state. If we could at least see their vital signs monitor from time to time, so they may be afforded an opportunity to contribute as other wise : disability discrimination.



U got shanter, bro.

I’m in your soul, bro.

I own you, bro.


Lord Lyle of Statistical Analysis.

The problem with Anonymous people is you can’t statistically analyse them. One cannot know if Anonymous is one person or multiple persons, but what my statistical analysis does show is the propensity of Anonymous to be CAD or CADs as the case may be: to wit , a cover for those afflicted with Compulsive Abuse Disorder.



Lord Lyle.

Let’s go champ!

Meet me to find out if it’s one person or a crew. 9pm tonight outside Lincoln’s Inn, you cupcake.


Lord Lyle of Statistical Analysis.

I rest my case



Let’s go champ!!

Bet you don’t turn up. Cupcake.


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