Norton Rose Fulbright, Ince & Co and Withers hang on to over 80% of their newly qualified solicitors

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Strong retention performances continue


City outfits Norton Rose Fulbright, Ince & Co and Withers have all revealed their 2016 autumn retention results.

First up, Norton Rose Fulbright. Having racked up an impressive spring score of 96% — keeping 22 out of 24 trainees — the firm today trumpeted a strong autumn result of 85%.

Norton Rose Fulbright, which has 50 offices across five continents, confirmed that from a trainee cohort of 20, 17 offers were made, all of which were accepted. Having spent the past year as trainees on a salary of £46,000, the new associates will see their pay packets swell to a cool £72,000, thanks to a pay increase reported on yesterday.

Elsewhere in City retention news, Ince & Co has posted an impressive autumn result of 89%.

The outfit — which offers around ten training contracts each year — has improved on last year’s disappointing autumn result, when it kept hold of just nine out of 15, or 60%, of its newly qualified lawyers (NQs). Yesterday, we reported the firm has treated its NQs to a modest pay increase, upping pay by £3,000 (5%) to £62,000.

Last, but by no means least, Withers. The City outfit — which is renowned for its private client expertise — has confirmed an autumn 2016 retention score of 83%. Commenting on the result, Withers’ training partner Ceri Vokes told Legal Cheek:

We’re very pleased with the strong outcome in this year’s qualifying trainee group and continue to take steps to build on this success, such as using Rare’s Contextual Recruitment System to access as broad a range of candidates as possible.

Like Norton Rose Fulbright and Ince & Co, Withers also recently announced a pay increase for its junior lawyers, upping NQ pay packets by 7% to £60,000.


Finally free!

I just handed in my notice at work this morning, and I’m quitting the law forever. I’m so happy: no more billable hours, annoying clients, demanding partners, 14 hour days, boring black letter law, stupid SRA, endless documents…I’m crying with joy.



Don’t blame you. I sometimes have days where I would honestly rather work in a café and happily tell all the lawyers that come in for a coffee how fortunate I feel.




I quit the law today too. It’s also my first day at Irwin Mitchell.



The majority of those issues will follow you to any professional job you do. Presumably you wont be stepping back into an office environment?



Good luck to you mate, probably the best decision of your life.



Makes Simmons & Simmons’ “brexit” excuse look absolutely laughable really…


Simmons NQ

How was Simmons retained less than Withers – Simmons are paying 68k which is more than Withers….


Simmons NQ

Yeah – brexit was the reason we retained less than half of our trainees….

Although I don’t understand why trainees are staying on at withers and firms paying less than us – we pay 68k


Simmons Partner

Sorry – why do we need to retain more than 50% of trainees? Surely it’s better to hire less NQs and then beast them in the evenings – it’s not like we have to pay them overtime…? Maybe I have missed the point here…


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