Pinsent Masons: 47 out of 59 qualifying trainees stay on at firm

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Bosses “pleased” retention rates are back on track


International law firm Pinsent Masons has announced a positive autumn retention rate of 80%.

Out of the 59 final-seat trainees qualifying this autumn, 47 have committed their future to the international big shot and will be taking up newly qualified (NQ) associate roles. These 47 newbies will be pocketing an annual salary of £62,000, up £21,000 on the firm’s second year trainee pay.

This autumn result represents a comfortable step up from Pinsent’s disappointing spring retention rate of 50%, something Deborah McCormack — who heads the firm’s training and development function — is happy about. She said:

I’m pleased that our retention rates are back in line with their historic norm. We offer an attractive environment for NQs and are committed to retaining the great new talent that we have entering the firm.

Pinsent Masons’ announcement comes in the middle of what’s shaping up to be a mixed autumn retention rate season.

While the likes of Sullivan & Cromwell and Shearman & Sterling have managed to retain all of their qualifying trainees, Dentons and Simmons & Simmons have reported retention scores of 68% and 50% respectively.



Meanwhile trainee solicitors earn 55k at Davis Polk…


Irwin Mitchell Partner

That’s more than I earn…


Silva Circul Chimp

That’s more than you’ll ever earn. That’s probably more that salaried Partners are IM.


Silva Circul Chimp

*more than Equity Partners at IM



If you receive a letter to you telling you that you have equity in IM, the paper that letter is written on is worth more that the IM equity.



£568k PEP isn’t exactly bad considering most leave at 5pm…



You ain’t getting those capital contributions back when that whale sinks though…



“international big shot” – big joke would be more accurate.



lolz at commentators who have to diss other firms to compensate for micropenis blight


Skadden 3PQE

Lolololol chippy Pinsents NQ spotted.

How’s the £62k like? That’s less than my last year’s Xmas bonus btw, mega lolz


Equity Partner

Has someone circulated the dial-in for this call?


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