Research: Female solicitors are earning 20% less than their male colleagues

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By Thomas Connelly on

Latest Law Society stats suggest gender pay gap is still a problem within the profession


Female solicitors are earning almost 20% less than their male colleagues, according to a profession-wide survey published this week.

The Law Society — after questioning 491 lawyers currently working in private practice — discovered that male solicitors, on average, pocket an annual salary of £60,000. Meanwhile their female counterparts take home just £48,500, a pretty shocking £11,500 less than male lawyers.

These stats show female solicitors are earning 19% less than their male colleagues, and suggest there is still a major gender pay gap problem gripping the legal profession.

Examining the pay differences at various levels of seniority, the data reveals the average male associate earns £47,000, while his female equivalent earns just £42,000 — or 11% less.

Meanwhile at equity partner level, male lawyers see salaries swell to an average of £100,000, while females (who are also equity partners) pocket £80,000, a whopping £20,000 or 20% less.

Finally, at salaried partner level, the findings show male solicitors take home an average pay cheque of £70,000, while females one of £57,000 — 19% less.

Read the findings in full below: