To weave or not to weave that is the question

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I can’t afford a new weave but my natural hair may be too much


In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one budding trainee rounds on corporate law firms’ unspoken hairstyle policy.


I’m a black law student with natural hair, which is on the looser curl side. I usually wear it natural, and sometimes put it in braids. I had a few training contract interviews last year (I’m in my final year now) but I wasn’t successful. A friend of mine from law school suggested to me that maybe this was because I attended interviews with either my natural hair or braids. I’ve been thinking of getting a weave; I think this may increase my chances of being successful as I might be considered more professional. Getting my natural hair done in this way can be expensive though, and I am a poor university student who really cant always afford the expense (not until I get a TC anyway!) Is showing up for interviews with ‘unprofessional’ hair, really a factor that may have contributed to being unsuccessful? Surley this can’t be allowed or be the case in this day and age? Surely this can’t be allowed.

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