Top QC relaunches refugee billable hour appeal which saw lawyers donate over £200,000 last year

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Legal profession’s charity campaign reaches target in a matter of hours


A top QC has relaunched a charitable appeal which sees members of the legal profession donate a billable hour to help refugee children – and it’s already met its target only hours after going live.

Sean Jones QC — an employment law specialist at London’s 11KBW — is calling on his fellow lawyers to donate a sum equivalent to that which they would charge for one billable hour of work.

Jones QC, like last year, is raising funds for charitable organisation, Save the Children, for its work trying to alleviate the refugee crisis currently unfolding across many parts of Europe.

The employment silk launched the first Billable Hour Appeal last year. Setting a modest target of £7,500, Jones QC went on to raise an astonishing £205,000 — exceeding his goal by over £197,000 — thanks to the generosity of lawyers across the country.

The profession has already broken Jones’ 2016 target of £7,000. At the time of publication the billable hour fund stood at £7,233.

You can donate to the Lawyers Billable Hour Appeal here.


A top QC

Thanks for spreading the Word LC!



We should help people there, in their own countries.




Also, stop wars/ unrest from happening in the first place.

It’s funny how super rich countries like abu dhabi, dubai / United Arab Emirates / gulf nations have point blank refused to take in any refugees despite a common religion, language and being on the same continuous land mass in very close proximity. The burden is on someone else.


Captain Obvious

Wow. Lawyers are rich.



Thanks Captain Obvious! 🙂



My hourly wage of £2.74 makes me want to cry.



Half of the money raised is wasted on admin fees – juat saying.



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He’s more of a middle-ranking QC.



He looks like Russ Abbott! However, he claims he looks like Ryan Reynolds!



Given that LC obviously considers being a “top QC” such a vitally important status to our understanding of the legal system, perhaps it should ask the Bar Council to issue guidelines on what it involves. Being ranked in Band 1 by Chambers & Partners in at least one of your practice areas, maybe. Who knows – they might even agree formally to have certain silks appointed “one of Her Majesty’s top Counsel well learned in the law”, with the post-nominals “TQC”.



Pathological outgroup preference is the deathknell of a decadent civilisation.



Oh all right then lets let the kids drown/starve/get sick then. That should sort out our “civilisation”.



Angela Merkel disagrees with you T.

The whole of Germany , Austria , Hungary disagrees with Merkel…..

At what point in a refugees journey do they stop being a refugee, and become an economic migrant instead? How many safe countries or continents do they have to travel through?



Another few quid towards the decline of the west. Pathological altruism is the order of the day, a sickness to which we seem doomed.



I can’t take the edginess



Can we start doing something to help those in our country too?


Adam Deen

Dad and Grandad are both Muslims and QC, But they’re not SJWs like these fine gentlemen.


Lyndsey Boule

Yo, I’ve been gettin my site ranked “pre spun articles”.


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