Was I wrong to accept my legal assistant role?

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Maybe I should’ve headed straight for a training contract


In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one law graduate worries she’s pigeonholed herself into a lower-tier of legal work by not applying for training contracts while at university.


I have recently graduated with a 2:1 in law from a Russell Group university. However I achieved a 2:1 by discretion and my final year average was actually 58. Because of this I did not bother applying for training contracts commencing in 2018. I have just managed to get a job as a legal assistant in a conveyancing firm. I’m not sure whether this will increase my chances of being able to get a training contract for 2019, or whether not applying the first time around shows a lack of dedication on my part. What do Legal Cheek readers think? For context, I have little legal work experience but I worked a part-time job in retail throughout my three years at university.

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