APPEAL: Help One Crown Office Row barrister Matthew Heywood find his stolen wig

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By Katie King on

The very same wig was stolen from him four years ago, but he managed to get it back


A criminal law barrister is currently appearing in court wigless after somebody broke into his car and took his precious wig.

One Crown Office Row’s Matthew Heywood told Legal Cheek the wig has “sentimental value” and he’s very keen to have it returned to him, even pinning up signs in his local area in a desperate bid to get it back — one of which is pictured above.


Here’s what we know.

While Sussex graduate Heywood — who works at the same set as Boris Johnson’s wife Marina Wheeler QC — was away on holiday, somebody broke into his car and his bag containing, among other things, his robes, wig tin and wig.

Some of these items, namely his robes, were found “strewn in the street” outside the Church of the Sacred Heart in Hove, near Brighton. His wig tin was later located by a solicitor under a bench.

Heywood thinks whoever stole his belongings decided to discard them because they didn’t have an interest in them, and he’s hoping somebody — preferably somebody who would be willing to return it — has picked up his wig.

Rather strangely, this isn’t the first time poor old Heywood has been parted from his horsehair.

Four years ago, thieves targeted the human rights specialist’s car and pinched the very same bag they stole this time around. Déjà vu or what?

Heywood bought a replacement wig which served him well for three years, before he was unexpectedly reunited with his stolen wig when it turned up in an old curiosity shop. He has since offloaded his replacement onto a friend, a decision he is now regretting.


As you can see, a new barrister’s barnet from Ede & Ravenscroft will set poor Heywood back £560. Let’s help him find his wig instead.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the barrister’s wig, please contact Legal Cheek by emailing