Barrister who posted anti-Semitic tweets booted out of profession

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By Thomas Connelly on

Social media posts referenced Jews, pro-Zionists, Muslims and chavs


An unregistered barrister has been kicked out of the profession after posting a number of “seriously offensive” tweets, some of which were anti-Semitic.

A Bar Standards Board (BSB) tribunal heard yesterday how Ian Millard — who was called to the bar in 1991 — was the man behind a Twitter account that regularly posted shocking messages about “various groups of people including Jews, pro-Zionists, Muslims and people whom he referred to as chavs”.

According to the BSB finding published earlier today, Millard — who last held a practising certificate in 2007 — posted the offensive tweets in November 2014.

In one social media post — dated 21 November 2014 — he said:

Pro-Zionist, pro-Jew expenses cheat Michael Gove, now diminished shrunk to his true level (2 inches off the ground). Liar.

While in another, several days later, he tweeted:

Strange seeing Dominic Grieve, who reminds me of the days when many/most Conservative MPs were English gentlemen, not Jews or yobs.

But a quick glance of the former barrister’s timeline shows offensive posts as recently as this week. Just yesterday, he tweeted a poster bearing a Nazi slogan which roughly translates to ‘at the end stands the victor’.

Millard has told his 2,429 followers that broadcasters should “make audiences aware of the sheer fakery in the ‘holocaust’ narrative”, and has made a number of other Holocaust-related tweets:

It’s also worth bearing in mind his Twitter bio reads:

Born in 1956, the year of Khrushchev’s Secret Speech. The UK must bond with Europe and Russia. New society based on Threefold Social Order. Future superculture

Having taken the decision to boot Millard out of the profession — a decision that is open to appeal — BSB director of professional conduct Sara Jagger said:

The use of such offensive language is incompatible with the standards expected of barristers. The tribunal rightly found that such behaviour diminishes the trust and confidence the public places in the profession and the decision to disbar Mr Millard reflects this.

With his disbarment hitting national headlines in the last hour, Millard — continuing to post anti-Semitic messages — tweeted:

The latest news from Millard is that he’s planning to start a blog on “political, social, economic and historical topics” that he hopes will be up and running by next month — something for us all to look forward to.