CMS Cameron McKenna, Nabarro and Olswang confirm merger WILL go ahead

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And it will be called CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP


CMS Cameron McKenna, Nabarro and Olswang have confirmed they will merge to create a new global megafirm.

In a joint statement released in the past hour, a spokesperson confirmed that partners had voted “overwhelming in favour of a proposal to combine their firms”.

The new firm will trade as CMS, and the name of the UK LLP will be CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP.

The merger — which will be the largest ever in the UK legal services market — is due to be completed on 1 May 2017. With over 1,000 partners and over 7,500 employees between them globally, the newly-formed firm will become the sixth largest outfit in the UK by revenue and the sixth largest in the world by lawyer headcount.

Commenting on today’s announcement, CMS’s senior partner, Penelope Warne, claimed the merger was an “important” strategic move for all three firms. Continuing, she said:

Through this combination, we are delivering a modern firm that combines scale with an exceptional depth of sector expertise. A firm that is united in its central focus on its clients, people, its commitment to diversity and the increased development opportunities that come from stronger and more global growth.

Late last month a spokesperson for the trio revealed that they were in “discussions about a potential combination”. Fast-forward ten days and the move, which will come as a surprise to many, has been given the green light.

With the new firm’s full name a bit of a mouthful, Legal Cheek urges all involved to reconsider and punt for one commenter’s suggestion of “McWango”.



More of a swallowing than a merge! What an original name! Lol



They’ve decided on the name CCM-Nabwang



CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP – what a very catchy name. I am sure the clients will love it.



All that scope and not one firm is an expert or well known for Litigation… How pointless



That gap is going to be plugged by laterals, talk is of one Lord Harley taking the senior position in the new team.



“Of Counsel”



This article suggests CMS has c.5-6,000 employees in the UK – is this true?



It’s LC, so take it with a pinch of salt


Pillow talk

Rumours on the street have it CMS are planning to up NQ salaries to £85k this week.



I can confirm this.



Well it must be true then. Case closed.



Yeah, I like porkie pies too.



I work there, this is utter horsecock. Salaries were raised to £67.5k, that’s it.






Cameron Wang



Expect redundancies at Olswang and Nabarro offices.



The current name will last 18-24 months at best, then will revert back to CMS.

Farewell Nabarro & Olswang. Expect mass partner and associate departures imminent.


City NQ

Victory of greed over common sense. Nabarro did not need this merger, but its partners saw the chance of trousering extra dolla and decided to bet the ranch on a mediocre boiler room like CMS.

I’m sure Nabarro’s staff are going to love losing the views from 125 London Wall and moving into CMS’s battery chicken ‘open plan’ offices on Cannon Street.



CMS Cannon Place offices are pretty sweet ngl.



Yeah, open plan boiler rooms are awesome, no doubt.

You can join PwC if you like it, auditors are all about it. Lawyers, not so much.



Awesome for cutting costs, more like. There’s actual evidence that open plan offices and hot-desking leads to lower productivity, aggression and less communication between employees. Kinda fits what CMS stands for, really.



Maybe if you are one of the few people with a window seat. Otherwise fairly drab once you get over the modernity of the place and little natural light.



CMS is indeed a boiler room sweat shop. Mediocre firm with average lawyers but a big network. Think Pizza Express. When you’re 18 and have only ever eaten Pizza Hut, you think Pizza Express is the business and a great place for a date. However when you get older and really know whats going on, you realise its just fast food on decent plates.

However the new CMS offices are sweat, but I’ve only ever seen the lobby and client areas so maybe a bit sheltered.



All about money and increasing the dole cue. Well done all. Greed as usual. Do you rich bods ever learn. Its the little people that make u successful.



Hear hear. Folks here at Nabarro are crushed, most of my close mates are already firing off their CVs to recruiters and will be jumping ship in the next 3-6 months.

Many associates secretly hoped the vote wouldn’t go through in the end, as it seemed far from certain. CMS can throw Olswang under the bus if they wish, but Nabarro had absolutely no reason to go ahead with this takeover. Bloody f*cking greed is all it is.



Little people not taken into consideration at all. Be warned: these mergers never work. I predict those at Nabs & Wang who forced through the merger for their own greedy aims will be forced out themselves within 18 months. Poetic justice. They shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the little people – we’ll be cheering.



Agreed. Case in point: King & Wood Mallesons.



All they think about is their clients, forget the employees that actually make the money. Greed at its best.



Go McBarrowang!



So new troika firm = redundancies

Potential massive recession in 2017 = higher likelihood of the troika imploding (rather than when separate) = more redundancies

Risky moves. I see another Eversheds or DLA in the making – high end factories. Jack of all trades….Masters of none…

Just think of all the warnings Slater and Gordon had when they bought Quindell. We all saw it coming…. but those in the middle of it never seem to do they…


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