Court case disrupted by man dressed as Jesus who said he can prove his identity with a USB stick

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By Katie King on

Indy Camp madness reaches new heights


Jesus Christ has risen and he’s been spotted in an Edinburgh civil court: we have the tweets to prove it.

A man claiming to be Jesus apparently disrupted matters at the Court of Session yesterday, popping into — and then being forcibly removed from — what are known as the Indy Camp legal proceedings.

For background, this lengthy legal battle involves the removal of a group of Scottish independence campaigners — who include those associated with an organisation known as JAH — and who set up camp outside the Scottish parliament late last year vowing to stay until a second Scottish referendum.

Though ordered to leave the site, the group has appealed the decision on human rights grounds, as well as adopting some stranger legal arguments.

It’s worth mentioning JAH has some less than conventional beliefs about the world. According to its website (screenshot below), Jesus Christ lives on earth right now — having been reborn in Sheffield in 1948 — and he’s here to claim “His Rightful British Israelite Throne.”


Richard McFarlane, a 49-year-old representing JAH, reportedly argued yesterday that the court was illegitimate because of the return of Christ, who is apparently a supporter of Scottish independence. He told the judge:

I know it’s very difficult for you given that you will be made redundant upon the coming of his Kingdom. However, the Lord is very serious. He has given permission for the camp to stay there.

Then, during a break in proceedings, you know who showed up.

Take a look at BBC journalist Philip Sim’s brilliant commentary from the case.

According to reports, the man claiming to be Jesus said he did not know anyone in JAH, adding:

I am Jesus. I only speak for myself.

The judges have now retired to consider the appeal.