Lawyer who ‘cracked under the strain’ of working for the CPS sentenced to six years in prison for trying to kill his wife

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His increased workload led him to desperation


A top criminal lawyer has been sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to murder his wife in a violent attack apparently brought on by the pressures of work.

The Times (£) reports Iain Farrimond “cracked under the strain” of working for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and ended up repeatedly stabbing his wife in the head and face. The 54-year-old senior prosecutor then stabbed himself in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, and later asked paramedics “what have I done?”

Farrimond, 54, pleaded guilty to attempted murder at Nottingham Crown Court.

Acting for the Crown, Bill Emlyn Jones reportedly told the court Farrimond’s motive for the attack “had been his increasing feeling that he couldn’t cope at work and was worried he’d have to leave his job”.

He continued:

His increased workload and the introduction of the digital case system (by the CPS), which he was struggling to cope with, led him to desperation.

Farrimond was admitted onto the roll in 1987 and spent 23 years as a solicitor with the CPS. He has since been dismissed following the attempted murder in May.

Judge Gregory Dickinson, sentencing the defendant to a custodial sentence, said the offence had been committed while the attacker was “in the grip of severe depressive illness”. He added:

Your intention was to kill your wife and commit suicide. Forgive me, but thank God you failed.

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Extremely sad circumstances.

Much more support is needed for mental illness awareness.



I was thinking of going in-house with the CPS…

Might not now…



if he was that ill a prison sentence seems wrong notwithstanding the injuries



Depression doesn’t cause murder. His illness may provide context but it does not excuse his attempted murder of his innocent wife. There is no suggestion that he was psychotic.



He cracked under the PTSD like Jason Blaha.



I wonder by what contortion of liberal logic Katie King arrived at a conclusion that this was best reported as a “muh mental health concerns” article not a “muh violence against wimminz” article.



Pathetic sentence.

Lots of folk under pressure at work.

We don’t try to kill others.

Should have got 20 years.


Screaming Monster Raving Loony Lord Lyle

This article has already been posted earlier, in the morning round up and the sentencing guidelines reffered to.


Screaming Monster Raving Loony Lord Lyle

@Trumpenkrieg. Your cis-gender remark is interesting. Where a female stabs her cis-partner 27 times in the facre whilst he sleeps and then turns the knife on herself because she was in the grip of an acute psychotic episode due to work related severe depression, then says the magic words “domestic violence”, would the outcome be different?

Usually the sleeping innocent male will find himself in Mr Farrimond’s shoes notwithstanding that he is the victim.

Again , see the sentencing guidelines under’vulnerable victims’. Females are always vulnerable and men, even when fast asleep and attacked by a termagent loony female, never are.

This Cis view makes attempted murder almost inapplicable to females who attempt to murder men.

Btw it is quite right of LC to make a referral to Law Care. One just can’t have untreated loonies at large whatever their gender. Loonies like Farrimond are usually prescribed neuroleptics which prevent psychotic episodes. And allow the serendipity of thought, to change jobs.


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