Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 17 October

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


I am trying to delay Brexit, admits Clegg: Anger as ex-deputy PM leads Bremoaner plot to snub voters’ wishes… and says keeping Britain shackled to the EU for longer would be a “good thing” [Mail Online]

Sir Philip Green hires top barrister Lord Pannick to scrutinise the MPs’ inquiry into the collapse of BHS [City AM]

The terrifying tale of how Britain’s most secret court imprisoned a grandmother [The Telegraph]

Home Office knew about race claims against abuse judge: So did Theresa May cover up a ‘civil war’ to avoid damaging her Tory leadership bid? [Mail Online]

Iraqi legal witch-hunt must be shut down [The Telegraph]

10 myths busted about the Ched Evans case [The Secret Barrister]

Ched Evans case: exceptional nature must be made clear, says legal expert [The Guardian]

Tesco faces legal action from staff in pay dispute [BBC News]

Wheels of justice barely turn at Guantanamo prison [Reuters]

Richard Moorhead, UCL Professor of Law and Professional Ethics, considers possible routes of change for legal education in the UK [Future of Law Blog]

LPC Law seeks BPTC & LPC graduates to work as County Court Advocates. Immediate Start! [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Small high street firms and northern multi-disciplinary chambers are the places to go for high-quality work early on.” [Legal Cheek Comments]



“Small high street firms and northern multi-disciplinary chambers are the places to go for high-quality work early on.” Hmmmmmmmm……….


The Secret Lord Lyle

Ah Messrs Evans and McDonald. And Miss X.
I am pleased LC responded to a request last week to post an article on it.
I concurr with the Secret Barrister.
I do have some observations/queries.
The behaviour of this menage a trois seems equally disgraceful to me.
How do you make a complaint if you have no memory of what happened? So was the complainant the Crown?
I think I heard amongst the din, that X’s drink had been spiked, so rendering her incapable of consent. But I see no evidence of this. What of the two men who watched through the window? I do not see their evidence.
Lastly, these two Chavs, failed to heed the minatory legend ‘audio video record your sexual liaisons’.


Lord Lyle of Empirical Logic

I would also like to commend the Secret Barrister for his fulsome knowledge of the English language, rhetoric and empirical logic. I would advise law students to note his exemplary style.
I shall be addressing empirical logic for law students in today’s tutorial


Ciaran Goggins

R v Evans – anonymity for both sides or neither. Naming? Can be done abroad but not in UK.
Minimum 12 year tariff for false rape accusers, now.



She isn’t a ‘false rape accuser’…


Lord Lyle of Greek knowledge

Con Fu Tse say: “If I provide one corner of the square and the student cannot deduce the other three therefrom, he is a useless student”
Ergo: in my lesson on empirical logic, I give you the Syllogism.


Lord Lyle of Hatingdon

Let’s go champ!


Lord Lyle of Egyptian knowledge

From the fons et origo of the Syllogism all things flow. It is for the student to learn and discern. That concludes my tutorial on empirical logic.

Next up: rhetoric.



Lord Lyle, get a life bro.

Ur bants is BTEC level.


Lord Lyle of CAD , Special Needs and Argumentum Ad hominems

Having now covered the English language and empirical logic the student may see the dearth of both in the special needs people who infest this site.
Law students kindly consider the effects of such comments if made in correspondence, court etc.

I invite you to Google logical fallacies.
One will note the special needs people herein favour ad hominems. They do not even get to the stage of argumentum. Just gratuitous meaningless ad hominems disembogue therefrom. There are a number of psychiatric disorders apart from special needs that are pertinent, but I refer to the compulsive gratuitous abuse people as suffering from CAD- Compulsive Abuse Disorder. These site is rich for diagnostics on CAD.


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