Barristers at centre of Brexit Supreme Court battle in sweary social media c-word spat

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Things hot up as Article 50 showdown draws ever closer


Two leading barristers at the heart of the impending Supreme Court Brexit battle have clashed on Twitter over whether one called the other a cunt.

Tweeting earlier today, top tax lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC claimed that public law specialist Francis Hoar had referred to him “in writing as a c***”.

Maugham — a tenant at London’s Dereveux Chambers — is a vocal pro-Remainer, who launched a crowdfunding campaign through website CrowdJustice back in June to help fund a number of claimants, known as the People’s Challenge, in the Brexit legal challenge.

Meanwhile on the other side of the political fence, Field Court Chambers’ Hoar is part of a group called Lawyers for Britain. Defying the profession’s typical pro-Bremain stance, the organisation has campaigned to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union, and will be intervening in the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on the appellant’s (the government’s) side.

But how did this Twitter spat — which Legal Cheek will refer to as c-gate — all come about?

Well it would appear the first reference to Maugham being called the c-word on social media dates back to May of this year. Claiming to have bumped into “a fellow tax silk at a party”, political blogger Guido Fawkes — who regularly trumpets his support for Brexit — claimed the mystery lawyer had referred to Maugham as “a total cunt.”

And just over a week ago the c-story resurfaced again. This time in a tweet to talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer, Guido Fawkes — again quoting the elusive sweary silk — referred to Maugham as “the biggest c*** in the Inns of Court.”

It was at this point Hoar couldn’t resist getting involved. While stressing that he wasn’t the mystery lawyer that Guido Fawkes had been quoting, he subtly suggested he wasn’t Maugham’s biggest fan.

Hoar has taken to Twitter again this morning to make clear he wasn’t the original c-word dropper, and to claim he had done nothing wrong.

A frosty handshake could be on the cards if both Maugham and Hoar are present at Monday’s Supreme Court hearing. Oh wait, barristers don’t shake hands


Not Amused

This is why we should ban twitter.

This new generation of supposedly senior people who put themselves in the public eye is hardly edifying.



Surely your logic should mean we keep twitter. If this is what they behave like, then should they be senior? Its not the platform at fault, its the individual’s behaviour.



This spat is so childish. And disappointing……


Barry QC

Thoroughly amusing. No one’s done anything wrong. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.



It’s hilarious!



I’m sure I remember reading somewhere we’re not supposed to bring the profession into disrepute…



That’s the 2nd filthiest C word after ‘Corbyn’.

(pedants, chill, I know it’s a noun).



I like the cut of Hoar’s jib. He’s already got form going after the corrupt left with his involvement in the Lutfur Rahman case, perhaps he should run for Parliament and #DrainTheWestminsterSwamp.


🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trumpendozer 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸




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That’s not corrupt left. It is corrupt though.


Liberturd Leftie

Have you seen Donald’s cabinet picks lately? Can’t be characterised as draining the swamp… all billionaire bankers etc. etc.

I guess couldn’t expect anything more from Donald… buckle up buddy, his presidency (even sounds weird saying it) will be a doozy



In the end of the day, look at the facts. Now that we have left the EU, £350 million a year goes to the NHS. It’s a fact. 100% true. I saw it on Facebook.

Can’t argue with that now can you Bremainers.



Because the decision of the British electorate to vote to leave the European Union was in its entirety a frivolous reaction to that throwaway campain promise…. How stupid do you think we are?



If by we, you are referring to everyone on Legal Cheek, then I believe not stupid at all. But if by we you mean yourself, then I would say incredibly stupid.



I mean “we” as in British people who voted for Brexit. Do you really think we are so stupid that we made such a momentous decision on the basis of one campaign promise?


Corbyn Commando

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Hiro Protagonist

Quite stupid



Sorry trumpy, I think original anonymous was being heavily sarcastic



It’s £350 million a *week*.


Lord Keith Of Kinkel

It really is quite pathetic how these idiots conduct themselves in public.

Silly, shrill, shouty and puerile.


Aberwystyth Llb

Well as long as I get my TC it’s all fine. Who else thinks I will definitely get it on university name alone?



Fook off you nutbag.



It’s Aberystwyth – learn to spell. And then fook off.



About as funny as the first 10 times you said this



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Anglia Ruskin llb

So guys, can I get a TC?


Ciaran Goggins

One never gets this sort of thing on Gab. Even with Freddie Ponsonby.



As for the TC posts…Hoar was a Bristol graduate, Maugham was from Durham. Both got prestigious Inns of Court scholarships. I am with Lord Keith of Kinkel on this. From that perspective, does anyone know if Hoar and Maugham are letting down public schools (if so which ones), Grammars or Comprehensives ?

In the meantime do people want to take a punt on these pigeon holes:
Boarding School (eg Ampleforth, Eton)
Run of the Mill fee paying day school (eg Leeds Grammar, St Peter’s, York)

If this reported conversation and dialogue represents the force of their intellect, how easy must it be to hold down a job as a tax silk or an election specialist, if you can get behind the right desk in the first place ?


Nobody cares

Nobody cares about what grammar / primary / nursery they went to



I care. Ron Atkinson can manage Manchester United and win a Cup with Aston Villa, because it is easy. You can tell it is easy because of the level of club he played at initially, how he sounds when he talks about things and because of the views he has held off mike being the sort of views that get him exiled from mainstream TV. I think the same is true, now we see it thanks to Legal Cheek, of being a Tax Silk and an Election Specialist. To trace back from the barristers’ conduct in the last week, to their profession, to their scholarships, then to their universities and schools is a trace capable of showing these are easy jobs for the boys. If, in contrast, they did not come by the jobs easily then they can distinguish themselves from that line of criticism.

I think with a sharp constituency it is actually a matter of public interest which goes further and is more profound than Lord Keith of Kinkel’s comment. In both cases they will be funded a great deal of money – potentially from the public purse.

If Maugham wins a tax case against HMRC, I presume his costs will be paid by HMRC. If HMRC consult him for an opinion, then that is a direct use of public funds.

Similar with Hoar.

There is potentially no need to pay either of them more than the Head of Legal Services at a Local Authority, particularly if we have seen the true force of their intellect.

You may not care, because you have a sense of what the answer is to which sort of schools they went to and how easy, in truth, their jobs are, and I suspect that you can see the writing on the wall for yourself.


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