Clifford Chance in chocolate fountain fiasco

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By Thomas Connelly on

Exclusive: Magic circle firm’s guests “splattered” after fire exit blunder


An event hosted by Clifford Chance descended into chaos after a mishap involving the firm’s fancy chocolate fountain left attendees reaching for the paper towels.

According to an Instagram post (screenshot below) the chocolate-based incident occurred after a guest inadvertently opened a fire exit door, allowing a gust of wind to permeate the room. Unfortunately for those in attendance, the fire door was directly opposite the frothing fountain; the sudden draught sent the liquid chocolate flying in all directions.


Uploaded by a member of the firm’s catering team, the caption accompanying the image reveals that guests were “splattered”. It says:

The chocolate fountain was splattered across the floor, people’s suits and dresses, up the wall and stairs…

The evening — which was held at the magic circle firm’s plush Canary Wharf headquarters — was attended predominantly by law students, but Legal Cheek understands a few Clifford Chance lawyers were also present.

A spokesperson for Clifford Chance told Legal Cheek that while the firm was aware an incident had occurred, it “categorically” denies that any chocolate landed on guests.