Fancy a three-course lunch with City firm partners? Fundraising challenge has some awesome prizes

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Rallying call to wannabe lawyers as National Pro Bono Week draws to a close


Two prominent pro bono organisations have launched a fundraising challenge to help support the vital legal work they undertake.

As part of the 15th Annual National Pro Bono Week, London-based legal charities LawWorks and the Bar Pro Bono Unit have called upon students to help raise some much needed cash.

Both organisations match members of the public who need legal advice with solicitors and barristers who are willing to donate their time and expertise free of charge.

The service they provide has come under increasing strain in recent years since the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012. The act — which came into force in 2013 — has left many unable to afford legal representation.

Students at universities, law schools, colleges and sixth forms are encouraged to get their creative juices flowing and think of unique and interesting ways to get members of the public to part with their hard-earned money. Previous fundraising activities include mock trials (which obviously counts as revision), cake bakes and sky diving.

And like any good competition there is a host of prizes up for grabs. These include everything from a 3-course slap-up lunch with partners at a top city firm to an invite to a glitzy awards ceremony held at the House of Commons.

Keen to get involved? More information about how can be found here.



Dear Santa: all I want for Christmas is to experiencing a ‘3-course slap-up lunch’ with top partners at a top City firm.

Just picture the splendour: three rich white geezers siting opposite you at a table, awkwardly trying to make conversation. All compulsively keep checking their email inboxes on their smartphones, some periodically duck out to the men’s room whenever the stress-induced IBS kicks in, their dour faces betraying their hollow, divorced private lives… I really hope I win this competition.


Jones Day partner

Oh it’ll be a slap-up alright. A slap-up using my mighty sack.






I can’t wait for the follow up article:

“The student was disappointed when he found out that he had parted with his hard earned cash for the chance to spend time with three partners at Irwin Mitchell. The hour he spent on that park bench, repeatedly trying to stop the three grown men he was with from crying or jumping in front of passing busses whilst eating a mouldy, slightly crisp Tesco ham sandwich that had been fished out of the bin, was the worst of his life.”



I actually laughed out loud



Can I just have the the course dinner, without the partners present?



So many negative comments. If you don’t want to do it then don’t!



If you don’t like negative comments, you’re on the wrong site.



Eh up. Someone’s entered the compo…



Apparently one firm offers the chance to have lunch with the partner of your choice, then spend the afternoon chasing the lunch around the onsite pool once it has been excreted from his digestive tract.



Are Jones Day Partners going to be there?


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