‘Farter-F*ck’: Carter-Ruck gains crude copycat website after IT firm fallout

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By Thomas Connelly on

Sites creators claim they were “wrongfully persecuted” by media law giant


An aggrieved IT firm has created a rather childish clone of Carter-Ruck’s website called ‘Farter-Fuck’.

According to the webpage, ‘Farter-fuck.co.uk’ is the brainchild of a company called ‘Hutton IT’, which claim it was “wrongfully persecuted” by the media firm’s lawyers.

Helpfully the site — which is still live — redirects presumably baffled Carter-Ruck clients to the firm’s genuine website after a few seconds.


First spotted by legal blog Roll on Friday, the site’s sweary URL appears to be based on a joke once made by current affairs magazine Private Eye.

Having apparently received a complaint from the London-based libel specialist, the publication — all too familiar with legal threats — cheekily responded, referring to the firm as “Farter-Fuck”.

Legal Cheek has contacted Farter-Fuck Carter-Ruck for comment.