How to pretend you’re acing final year: Warwick law student with no idea what to do with her life shares wisdom

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By Katie King on

Advice includes hating freshers and irrationally crying


If you’re feeling stressed out about the final year of your degree but can’t quite bring yourself to get your head down and do some work, final year law student Varsha Patel has some advice for you.

The University of Warwick fourth year says a degree-induced quarter-life crisis can be avoided if you simply pretend you know what you’re doing, even if — like her — you have “no clue” about your life post-graduation.

Writing for student newspaper The Tab, Patel — who is studying a bachelor’s degree in European law — tells readers this can be done in ten simple steps. These tips include irrationally crying every now and then, bringing up “your diss” (your dissertation) in every single conversation and attending careers/networking events on Facebook that you don’t actually go to in real life.

Though there’s no real substitute for hard graft when it comes to smashing your degree and getting on the career ladder, we particularly enjoyed reading this pearl of wisdom from Patel about hating freshers for no reason:

Why are they even in the library, when their year doesn’t count?!’ said every finalist ever. We’ve somehow decided to erase it from our memories that we were actually keen fresh in first year ourselves, who took out ten books a week and hogged all the seats on floor three.

So, so true.