Morning round-up: Monday 21 November

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


The Snooper’s Charter passed into law this week — say goodbye to your privacy [The Independent]

Victorian abortion law “breaches human rights” [The Observer]

Supreme Court’s most senior judge urged to stand down from Article 50 legal hearing over wife’s anti-Brexit Twitter posts [The Telegraph]

Senior Tories tell Prime Minister Theresa May to drop Brexit Article 50 appeal in Supreme Court [Standard]

Truss and judges: power and responsibility [Law Society Gazette]

Summit to be held over Brexit effect on Scottish justice system [BBC News]

John McCain: If Trump tries to bring back waterboarding, he’ll be in court in a “New York minute” [Business Insider]

Will Brexit block EU students from UK law schools? [Financial Times]

Automated law—the mindset of the legal profession [Future of Law Blog]

Turkey: Thousands protest against proposed child sex law [BBC News]

Training contracts on offer at top UK medical negligence law firm [Legal Cheek Hub]

“These issues are always portrayed as bans when, as a matter of absolute fact, they are not. My uni boycotted Nestle (as, I believe, many do). Constantly, I would hear about the Kit Kat ban. It’s simply lazy, sensationalist reporting.” [Legal Cheek Comments]