Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Tuesday 22 November

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


UK’s top judge unveils plan to make supreme court more diverse [The Guardian]

Brexit is likely to end up before EU’s highest court, says Europe’s top judge [The Independent]

Child abuse inquiry has ‘crumbled’, Michael Mansfield says [Mail Online]

MPs back new ‘Walter Mitty’ medals law to criminalise ‘military imposters’ [The Telegraph]

High court gives ministers deadline for tougher air pollution plan [The Guardian]

Thief talked down from rooftop by lawyer after being chased through Middlesbrough [Gazette Live]

Grandad wins three-year legal fight… to call his garden a garden [Mirror]

Loads of Britain’s most well-known laws are never enforced [Vice]

Pope Francis amends canonical Catholic law to allow absolution for the ‘sin’ of abortion [International Business Times]

Trump lawyer: No charitable funds will pay for Trump University settlement [The Hill]

Alarm over proposed Philippine law to jail 9-year-olds [Bangkok Post]

Free Event: Beyond the Bar — the evolution of solicitor-advocates in global law firms [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Yeah absolutely. Even when the political question isn’t in fact a political question at all but a point of constitutional law. In fact, they should totally leave constitutional law to whoever the party in power is. This won’t be a problem as once they do that, it can be the same party in perpetuity. Excellent idea.” [Legal Cheek comments]