The fanciest law firm offices in Britain

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Welcome to workplace heaven


One of the big attractions of corporate law is the spectacular offices that lawyers get to work in. Some are in iconic London buildings, others boast features so exotic that it’s easy to forget they house law firms. But which excite the young solicitors who work in them the most?

As part of our survey of over 1,500 trainees and junior lawyers at nearly 60 top corporate law firms, we asked respondents to rate their places of work on a sliding scale of one to ten — with one defined as “I’d be more comfortable hot-desking in a squat under the Westway”, and ten as “It’s classier than a chaise longue designed by Corbusier”.

Three firms scored a C, 25 got a B, 19 an A, and nine an A* (the grades are detailed on each firm’s Legal Cheek Survey scorecard, accessible through the Firms’ Most List). Below, in no particular order, we profile the firms that were awarded an A*.

Kirkland & Ellis


Can there be any cooler place to go to work than 30 St Mary Axe, aka Sir Norman Foster’s spectacular Gherkin building? Trainees and junior lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis don’t think so. Insiders highlight the spectacular office as one of the big draws of working at the firm, alongside the A*-rated quality of work and the £140,000 newly qualified pay.

With even junior Kirkland lawyers getting their own rooms, which come complete with Gherkin windowry, this is a lovely place to wile away those days (and nights) at the coalface of private equity law.

Kirkland & Ellis profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Reed Smith


Located high up in the shiny new Broadgate Tower near Liverpool Street, Reed Smith has one of the best views in town. “On good days,” a trainee tells us, the office “reminds me of being a king/queen of London surveying the metropolis from his/her palace, or hanging out on a cloud with friends, a squirrel in the tree tops.”

The interior is very fancily appointed, with tasteful decor combining with spectacular floor to ceiling windows to create the delightful effect outlined above. If you are lucky, you might even spot a Reed Smith rookie on the other side of the glass descending the building — which appeared in James Bond flick Skyfall — as part of one of the firm’s charity abseils.

Reed Smith profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

CMS Cameron McKenna


CMS Cameron McKenna’s swish London digs at Cannon Place at the south end of the City of London is just a year old, with the gleaming newness “way better” than the firm’s old gaff near the Barbican.

One trainee tells us that the building is “a modern architect’s wet dream”, while there’s also praise for the open plan interior of the glass and steel palace. Just be mindful, potential new CMS recruits, that the firm has a host of other less glamorous UK offices where trainees are also stationed.

CMS Cameron McKenna profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Norton Rose Fulbright


Vistas don’t come much more captivating than the one that presents itself to visitors to Norton Rose Fulbright’s spectacular ninth floor garden, accessible through an ear-popping glass lift that whisks you upwards from reception.

On the ascent you can get an eyeful of Norton Rose Fulbright lawyers busily at work in their spacious glass cabins. Trainees at the firm tell us that “it’s a fantastic place to work: light, open, and with unparalleled views”, with others praising the “amazing spot on the river” alongside London City Hall.

Norton Rose Fulbright profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Mishcon de Reya


Entry to Mishcon de Reya’s new office — which apparently hasn’t come cheap — is via a kind of avant garde cocktail bar, where clients can grab themselves sushi and martinis while they wait. Coffee is served, slightly bafflingly, via an iPad.

Even the bits where the work gets done is feted by trainees as “completely incredible”. And, what’s more, with Mishcon’s Africa House home located in Holborn, just a stone’s throw from the West End, the local bars and restaurants are much better than your standard bland City joints.

Mishcon de Reya profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Burges Salmon


Hop off the train at Bristol Temple Meads station, and two minutes away across a footbridge over the River Avon is Burges Salmon’s delightful headquarters.

The natural light-bathed interior is set around an internal central square, where the firm’s distinctly relaxed-looking employees (for corporate lawyers anyway) chat casually over coffee from the top-rated Glassworks canteen.

This airy and futuristic vibe does not extend to full open plan offices — which many view as a plus. “We share offices with one other person (trainees sit with their supervisor) which is much nicer than open plan in my opinion,” one insider reports. What’s more, new starters get a “desk assessment to ensure your workstation is set up for you properly”.

Burges Salmon profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

K&L Gates

Nestled round the corner from St Paul’s Cathedral is K&L Gates’ gem of a London office. Superlatives are abound in lawyers’ descriptions of this relatively little-known delight.

“By far the nicest law firm office in the whole of London,” is how one K&Ler describes 1 New Change. “Beautiful”, adds another. Particular acclaim is reserved for the roof top bar and private terrace, with views over St Paul’s, which are apparently “fantastic for summer lunches”.

K&L Gates profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Howard Kennedy


A move out of the West End to a swanky new home on the edge of the City has thrilled insiders. Overlooking the Thames is preferable to the old view over Great Portland Street, while the interior of 1 London Bridge is by all accounts rather impressive.

The only complaint is that the desks are a bit on the small side: “I would like a bigger desk for all of my files and paperwork,” reports one hard-working trainee.

Howard Kennedy profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

Clifford Chance


One of just a handful of law firms to be based in Canary Wharf, Clifford Chance’s London office has very much embraced the first class airport lounge vibe popular among magic circe law firms. Trainees love it. “The office is second to none,” one tells us.

What 10 Upper Bank Street lacks in planes it makes up for in… swimming pools. Well, one swimming pool — a unique workplace feature among corporate law firms. Yes, CC has its own bathing facilities where trainees can famously wash away their troubles while gazing into the London night. And then it’s back to work.

Clifford Chance profile [Legal Cheek Most List]

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And imagine the associated cost/ wastage?

Irwin Mitchell’s old rag and bone shop premises in London is a good example of using what is already there.

The oily floors enable the associates to stick to their desk space, the large toilets enable a good entertaining space for negotiating promotions (from small track to multi track claims) and the mini coffee stand operated by a retired circus monkey* is said to be mega.

*This monkey’s fellow circus monkey friend also did well – he became the Managing Partner of DWF.



This is delicious banter. 10/10.



We are an equal opportunities employer and provide a golden cage with bananas when needed.



The oily floors were rectified a while ago, to avoid slips and trips.

Harry the Chimp has since retired, and now works one day per week as a swimming pool cleaner for Clifford Chance. We wish him all the best.

We have bought a new automated coffee machine in line with our future vision of streamlining the company’s offering internally. Meaning it takes less time to make a coffee thus more time for billing and training the constant new intake of staff.

The toilets remain the same. Why reinvent the wheel?



“reminds me of being a king/queen of London surveying the metropolis from his/her palace, or hanging out on a cloud with friends, a squirrel in the tree tops.” Vom



…and then you realise you’re a 1PQE at Reed Smith and break down sobbing.


Jones Day partner

I don’t know about our offices, but my bedroom is by far the fanciest in London, if ya know what I mean. 🍆🍑✊🏻💦





Dirty Sanchez

Mucho innuendo! Muy bien señor!


Rusty Trombone

Shut it beaner.



Pic of Legal Cheek’s offices?


Bantz & Co

What, you seriously want to see a pic of Alex’s cramped bedroom, dominated by a shitstained bed?









Savage bantz.



Just google Excel Building, 6-16 Arbutus Street, London, England, E8 4DT.



Hi Alex.


Henry Pillingsdon Saxby IX, Earl of Craigavon

Came for the digs, stayed for the spicy banter.



Howard Kennedy?

You can sport the firms paying to be featured a mile off..


Lord Wombles, 5th Earl of Legal Cheek

Who’s Howard Kennedy? Have I met him?



St Mary Axe, not St Mary’s



the jaflas office is trek really nice



Shut it you frigid brickwallop



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Obviously there wasn’t any point in mentioning KWM’s office 😉



Addleshaw are hoping to buy it in the “a la Cobbetts” pre-pack deal.



I work in a credit hire boiler shop in Widnes. Our office is a white van parked behind lidl.



Sounds like that’s where KWM is heading.



I don’t work there, but I’d really like to try the Clifford Chance pool one day.



“I would like a bigger desk”.

Poor guy. That’s what a career in law does to your hopes and dreams.



From a neutral bystander point of view, some of the omissions are odd. Just from those I’ve visited… Clydes, Freshies, DWF (London) and BLP have amazing offices. Are these shops not adequately funding LC?


MC (donalds) trainee

Freshfields’ office seems nice when you go for an open day or interview, but stay for a period of time and you start to see they’re a bit dated (that’s why they’re moving). I didn’t think that Clyde’s were anything special, though I’ve only been in the client facing areas.



Shat in the pool


Ciaran Goggins

Mischcon de la Reya by a mile.



‘Insiders highlight the spectacular office as one of the big draws of working at the firm, alongside the A*-rated quality of work and the £140,000 newly qualified pay’.

If I were being paid 140k per annum before bonus the last thing I’d care about is the state of the office. I’d work in a slightly damp cardboard box underneath the m4 elevated.

Many of those at Irwin Mitchell are, of course, already accustomed to working in such an environment.


Aberwystywth llb

Hey guys, I go to Aberwystywth doing LLB. What are my chances at working these sexy fancy firms? Will I be the next Harvey Specter for London?



This sounds like one of those career conundrums Alex likes to make up…


Aberwystywth llb

Wait so I can’t? But Aberwystywth is such a fancy posh university…




I laughed so hard I sharted.



In a word… No


Aberwystywth llb

So you’re saying Aberwystywth isn’t good??? But one of my friends got a TC with Irwin Mitchell. So haha



Shame he was second best applicant to be a sandwich artist at Subway or he could have had a career.


Inspector Banter

Savage bantz.


The offices look like that so you never want to leave….since you will basically end up living there.



Thanks for clearing that one out mate.



But what are the toilets like!? Equally as important


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