Video: Defendant strips completely NAKED and dances on judge’s bench

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By Thomas Connelly on

Meanwhile in South Africa…

Mobile phone footage of a defendant stripping completely naked and dancing on a courtroom bench has surfaced online.

The short low quality clip — apparently filmed inside a courtroom in Pretoria, South Africa — shows a disgruntled young man by the name of Lesego Legodi, bringing court proceedings to an abrupt halt.

Legodi, who is facing charges of causing malicious damage after allegedly smashing the windows of a KFC restaurant, can be seen dancing on the judge’s bench and kicking court papers across the room — all while in the nude.

Unphased by the packed courtroom, Legodi — appearing to need a rest after all that physical exertion — then hauls the judge’s chair up on to the bench to take the weight off.

A woman, apparently the defendant’s mother, can be heard yelling “in the name of Jesus” as the extraordinary events unfolded.

Unfortunately, for Legodi anyway, his theatrics were short lived. The Daily Star reports that he was quickly apprehended by court officials and returned to his cell.