‘We all f@cking hate Spurs!!!!!’: Osborne Clarke partner in foul-mouthed LinkedIn post

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By Thomas Connelly on

Corporate lawyer embraces his inner Danny Dyer


A partner at international law firm Osborne Clarke has taken to LinkedIn to express his dislike for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Sebastiaan Jeroen Lub — a partner at the firm’s Amsterdam office — posted a message on LinkedIn claiming “WE ALL F@CKING HATE SPURS!!!!!”.


First spotted by weekly legal blog RollOnFriday, Lub — coming over all Danny Dyer — sent the post from his professional profile, which clearly states he’s a “Partner at Osborne Clarke”.

While Lub, who specialises in tearing up the terraces on Saturday complex multi-jurisdictional outsourcing transactions, is presumably just joking around, it’s probably wise to keep opinions like these off LinkedIn, where clients (who might be Spurs fans) might come across it.

Osborne Clarke’s managing partner, Ray Berg, told Legal Cheek:

Clearly I am disappointed to see this comment. As a business, we encourage our people to connect, communicate and share information on social media. We provide colleagues with training on how to use the technologies and everyone is expected to be polite, professional and courteous. Jeroen would like to apologise for any offence caused, particularly to Spurs fans.

Lub isn’t the first lawyer to let his passion for football get the better of him.

Last year, Chelsea-mad City lawyer Clive O’Connell was sacked after branding Liverpool FC fans “scouse scum” during a hot-tempered YouTube interview.

A former partner in the London office of New York-based outfit Goldberg Segalla, O’Connell also referred to Liverpool fans as “nasty horrible people” before writing on Twitter later that they should “crawl back” to their “horrible Merseyside home”.

The insurance specialist has since landed a job at London law firm McCarthy Denning.