Cambridge University law student wins ‘best bum’ competition

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Exposure is already improving grades, apparently

via The Tab
via The Tab

Identifiable only by her bottom, her name and her college, a female law student has won over 40% of the vote in an annual reader referendum to find the best bum in Cambridge University.

Polly — who is reading law at Homerton College, which only recently became part of the elite university in 2007 — bared her behind in a university lecture hall in her bid for victory.

The competition, run by student rag The Tab, seeks out the ‘best’ bottoms among Cambridge University students. For this year’s prize, a number of candidates posed naked, backsides to the camera, in Cambridge college quads, libraries, rooftops and even outside a fish and chip shop hoping to win votes.

This year’s victor, Polly, said she is not usually quite such an extrovert:

I’m a naturally shy kinda gal, but on the inside I’m a little wild. Doing something like this was a way of showing the world that introverts can feel good exposing themselves publicly as well.

The law student is also positive about what winning will do for her studies and, presumably, her future career:

My essay grades have gone up so much since my supervisor happened to walk in mid-shot.

The competition is unisex but does appear to have left some commenters and commentators baffled as to why these students, presumably some of the brightest and best in the country, have entered themselves for the “glutes” shoot.

Even rapper 50 Cent couldn’t get over it:

The top uni is no stranger to nudity. Just a month ago, a number of student ‘blues’ (those who have competed at the highest level in their sport) posed nude for a calendar for charity.