Gary Slapper: The much-loved legal professor and columnist’s best tweets

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As the profession comes to terms with his death, Legal Cheek looks back at Gary Slapper’s life and career


Lawyers are in mourning today over the news Gary Slapper has sadly passed away.

The Times — for which Slapper has written a regular online column for years — revealed yesterday that the well-respected legal commentator has died.

Slapper, who has written for Legal Cheek on several occasions, has been a stalwart in legal academia and commentary. With his ‘Weird Cases’ column and later his ‘Weird Cases’ book, Slapper’s humour means he has long been seen as a breath of fresh air in an often ultra-serious profession. Twitter tributes make this abundantly clear.

Students may also be familiar with his book ‘The English Legal System’, which Slapper co-authored with David Kelly.

As tributes continue to pour in, Legal Cheek remembers some of Slapper’s best tweets.

He was always happy to poke fun at the profession.

On more than one occasion.

Slapper — who was until his untimely death global professor at New York University — was equally comfortable commenting on the most serious of criminal cases.

He would occasionally dabble in politics.

But Legal Cheek will always remember him as the go-to-source for amusing legal anecdotes.

RIP Gary Slapper.