Low grades caused by health problems, what will law firms think?

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I’m back on track now but worried the damage has already been done


In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one training contract-seeker — whose legal education has been blighted by health problems — mulls over her solicitor dreams.


I want to know if there is any real chance of me securing a training contract with my education history. While I was doing my A-levels, I developed some health problems. I was fainting more than ten times a day, very tired and struggling to breathe often. My sixth form was very unhelpful and dismissive. I understandably withdrew, embarrassed, and continued my education at home, entirely self taught. I sat my exams at home and got mediocre A-level grades (ABB)…

This did get me into a Russell Group university, and at the end of my first term of second year, it emerged that I actually had a heart condition caused by an underlying autoimmune disease. I was put on various meds and my ability to attend university/keep up with my work reflected in my grades — I improved from a 2:2 average to a 2:1 average. I am currently doing a year abroad, and gaining 80%+ in exams…

I will be going into my final year when I go back and I am reluctant to apply to sit the LPC if I will be unable to pursue a solicitor career. I am afraid that my low grades from first year and the first half of second year will hold me back, but I’m looking to graduate with a 2:1. I am not necessarily aiming for big City firms — I would be happy to take a low paid job — but I would like to pursue a career in law.

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