Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 21 December

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Farage threatened with legal action after speaking about Tweet from Jo Cox’s husband [Sky News]

Magistrate slams identity fraud committed by 20-year-old law student Jordan Ojo as ‘remarkably stupid’ [Daily Gazette]

Retired judge to be sentenced after forging a will [ITV News]

Jo Maugham QC: That’s one Uber VAT problem [Waiting for Tax]

“In the Donald Trump?” [Twitter]

Suicide law could give healthy over-75s the right to end their lives [Mirror]

British law will bend to allow humans and robots to marry sooner than you think [The Sun]

Prince died ‘owing $600,000 in legal fees’ [Mail Online]

Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie playing lesbian lawyer in Good Wife spinoff [Pink News]

Vacation placements (England) at Pinsent Masons [Legal Cheek Hub]

“I think they are worried about more than the extra money they’ll make LC… Imagine being in their position. Not knowing what is going on. Congrats to those firms who’ve come together to help this sinking ship.” [Legal Cheek comments]



Why da comments closed on da video?



coz ppl like u be hatin & it hurts dare feelins



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Pathetic censorship from LC as usual. It’s known that a huge amount of the world fraud emanates from Nigeria, pointing it out isn’t racist.



I can’t wait to marry my Lovebot 3000.


Anonymous Nigerian

It is all white LC’s censorship that evinces it’s own racism. It is by dint of their back ground and upbringing. I don’t think it conscious and certainly not malicious.
It is very silly censorship like this whereby they subconsciously seek to cover up their unconcious racism.
So learn and discern and delight in it. People like this are a thing. But one also meets very good, brave and honest Nigerians. Yet , anyone who has experience of Nigerian litigation will know the “Nigerian Style” . But one needs to be a lawyer to know of such things.


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