Uncertain times for King & Wood Mallesons trainees as Dentons pulls out of merger talks

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Twitter account set up to help staff find jobs


The futures of King & Wood Mallesons‘(KWM) trainee solicitors hang in the balance today as a potential merger deal to save the firm will now not go ahead.

On Monday Legal Cheek reported that KWM was holding “detailed discussions” with a “small number” of potential merger suitors, including global titan Dentons. It is now understood that in the last 24 hours Dentons — the largest law firm in the world by lawyer headcount — is no longer party to these discussions.

Confirming that KWM staff “received an update from the management team regarding the future of the practice”, a spokesperson said:

Details of the update are an internal matter and are thus confidential. However, we can confirm that the discussions launched on 9 December with a small number of interested parties continue. We are not able to comment further until those discussions have been concluded.

It would now appear increasingly likely that the firm will be broken up into chunks, with KWM’s lawyers — the lucky ones, at least — being snapped up by firms across the City.

But where does this leave KMW’s trainees? Legal Cheek understands that the firm’s management has already been in touch with both the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and Law Society over a possible deal. For KWM trainees due to qualify in February, special dispensation may be offered — allowing them to still qualify as solicitors — providing their training supervisor is satisfied they have attained the necessary skills.

It is also understood that KWM is looking into the option of transferring training contracts to other firms, for those trainees who still have another year or so to go before they qualify.

The development comes as a Twitter page is launched to help KWM’s non fee-earners find alternative employment. The account — which is called ‘Help KWM staff’ — claims that when firms go under support staff are often “forgotten” about.

Can you help re-home a KWM trainee? Contact Legal Cheek here.



I really feel sorry for the trainees and future trainees at this time. KWM wasnt even in a bad place when the graduates applied and begun their training so they did make a sound decision. Now they could potentially be blackballed having trained at such a firm and may find it difficult to find qualifying jobs and future trainees having to re-apply for TCs.



Nah, it was always chock-full of dumb toffs. Good riddance.



How did it go so quickly then?



Because the shop was going down the pipes for years, borrowing cash to plug falling billings, partner departures and a white elephant office building. For SJB, a merger was essentially more of a bailout, except that they needed a fully-integrated one and not a Swiss Verein.

Now it finally gave way.



This was posted on Roll On Friday yesterday.



Hi guys!



Which firm is next? Informed views below:



After the purchase from the office petty cash of a packet of Tesco finest digestives to celebrate Christmas , rather than the normal value brand, the tea boy at Irwin Mitchell has caused a financial meltdown of the firm meaning layoffs are imminent. McDonalds and Aldi are said to be circling for the more talented lawyers, as they need burger flippers and shelf stackers respectively at this time of year.



I just actually laughed out loud reading this comment.



Will future trainees have to reapply? Or can they be transferred to?

Surely, in reapplying, mentioning you had a TC at KWM will be a major boost to any possibles applications? I would think it shows both a substantiated competence for the job an an ambition to keep going when knocked down.



Learning to spell would be a bonus though.



You wish mate.



Why are people downrating this? Other than the keyboard licker who doesn’t like the poster’s way of spelling “and”…



Poor attention to detail. There are multiple errors:

“Or can they be transferred to?”
“major boost to any possibles applications?”
“job an an ambition”



If you can’t understand the meaning of those sentences I suggest you go back to an English class yourself. This is an online board where people are posting on keyboards and phones. Sad.



Lol chippy khunt


City ladman

KWM was maybe a crap shop, but they had some spectacular poon among their staff. Managed to bag a quality ménage trois with two funds trainees a few years back, oh the memories…

Hi there Lucy and Rachel, I hope you manage to get a job somewhere!



Both Rachel and I think you have a small c*ck.



Quality bantz.



It was actually a foursome.. with big Dave.. Surely you remember Dave? As he definitely remembers you.


Big Dave

I do… I also remember the other three times it was a twosome …


Swansea llb

Hahahah suck it KWM trainees you stupid pricks. THIS is why I will be applying for a TC at Hogan Lovells so I will be raking it in HAHAHAH



Dear Swansea LLB,

Having carefully reviewed your application we have decided that we are unable to offer you a training contract at this time.

While your application had certain strengths, the attitude displayed in your above post suggests that you would be an absolute nightmare to work with. Gloating over others losing their jobs on a public forum that some of them are likely to be reading shows extremely poor taste unbefitting the solid (if slightly boring) demeanour we look for in our future trainees.

We wish you luck in your future endeavours attempting to behave like a functional human being.

Yours faithfully,

Graduate Recruitment, Hogan Lovells



Haha. I know we shouldn’t feed the troll by replying to him, but I do wonder where his insecurity comes from. I’m guessing one or more or:
– small willy
– daddy left home
– whitewash TC rejections
– bullied at school
– extreme open addiction



Sorry, *porn addiction


Swansea Llb

All of those apart from the TC rejections apply to me.



Lol, wrekt.


Chazza, 2PQE




Swansea LLB? Good luck with that



Enough bull*, Support staff are ones who lost out, the partners are sitting pretty

No big payout for these folk!


Santa Claus NQ

Dear KWM employees,

Do not worry, you will survive and succeed.

All the best,


Nasty Bastard 1PQE

Lol, let’s speak again in late January when they stop receiving a pay check.



or when MC firms are hiring them. Go see the latest news mate.



Give us job mate!


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