City lawyer GUILTY of ‘racially aggravated’ assault at Christmas party

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By Katie King on

Alastair Main smacked his victim’s bottom, called her an “Australian slut” and poured beer over her


A City solicitor accused of lifting up a 27-year-old woman’s skirt, slapping her bottom and calling her an “Australian slut” has been convicted of racially aggravated assault and sexual assault.

University of Nottingham graduate Alastair Main, 35, was also accused of tipping a glass of beer over his victim at the London Rowing Club’s 2015 Christmas party, in a string of incidents that started when she refused to give him a hug.

After chatting in the ‘Captain’s corner’ of the club in Putney, Main (pictured below) admitted pouring “what remained of [his] beer straight on top of her” while she was crouched down by her bag.


Ashurst-trained Main accepted this element of the assault to Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, but he denied it was racially aggravated. Describing himself as “7/10 drunk”, the defendant — who, according to the Law Society, is legal counsel at Schroders — reportedly said:

I did not say ‘Australian’, I called her a slut but I did not say ‘Australian’. It was a pathetic thing to do.

Later on in the evening, Main allegedly trailed his victim into the ladies’ toilet, lifted up her skirt and repeatedly slapped her. While he denied this and told the court he had followed her because he “wanted to say sorry to her”, he did confess to grabbing her by the waist.

After “storming out” of the restrooms, he pursued the young woman out of the club and “gave her a slap on the bum”. Admitted as a solicitor in October 2007, Main told the court the bum slap was “cheeky”, but prosecutor Paul Douglass — of 9 King’s Bench Walk — said the defendant intended to “humiliate” his victim. He told Main:

This was a sexual rejection by her, she rejected you sexually by refusing to give you a hug and as a result you reacted by pouring your beer over her head. This was very spiteful to prevent her from going out and enjoying the evening.

The married solicitor, who cried in the dock, said:

It was unacceptable, I feel ashamed at myself.

Main was found guilty on both counts and has been bailed unconditionally for pre-sentencing reports to be prepared. His sentencing is scheduled for 26 January.


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