Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Thursday 12 January

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Supreme Court confirms it will not be handing out advance copies of the Article 50 judgment [City A.M.]

Defendant slits own throat during court hearing in Wales [Sky News]

Donald Trump’s legal team ‘won Russia Law Firm of the Year award’ [The Independent]

Big viral moment for Chambers & Partners [Twitter]

Southern rail strike: GTR taking legal case to Supreme Court [BBC News]

UK’s top law officer outlines legal basis for drone killings [Mail Online]

Court cuts have made things ‘much worse’, says ex-barrister and MP Karl Turner [Hull Daily Mail]

Juror who joked about convicting accused so jury could ‘get home for Christmas’ fined £400 for contempt of court [The Herald]

Man in court charged with killing UK’s rarest butterfly [Plymouth Herald]

‘Defamation of character and slander’: Danielle Lloyd seeks legal action against ‘pathological liar’ ex Jamie O’Hara over CBB revelations [Mail Online]

Government agrees to change law to protect kittens [The Telegraph]

Will Quince MP: An addendum [The Secret Barrister]

Pupillage at Devereux Chambers [Legal Cheek Hub]

“This is no doubt a great initiative. Whatever law firms want you to believe, state school children are still at a disadvantage when it comes to entering the profession. Fact.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Not Amused

Once again are seeing an appalling reaction to an election result which certain people did not like.

The sense of entitlement. The children throwing toys out the pram. The willingness to lie. The fake news. The sheet illiberal approach to private matters (which are no doubt untrue, but if true a liberal should respect the privacy of).

This is really horrible behaviour.

Attacking Morgan Lewis is jumping the shark. They are a thoroughly respectable firm. Having a Moscow office does not make you evil. This has become utterly pathetic and above all – it will force me to support Trump. I never wanted to do that, but this pathetic behaviour really must be challenged.


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