Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 4 January

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


UK’s ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers resigns [BBC News]

In full: Sir Ivan Rogers’ resignation email to staff [The Times]

The meaning of Brexit [Jack of Kent]

Section 40: Penalising the free Press undermines democracy and offends against justice [The Telegraph]

Law Society chief executive resigns over reform failure [Legal Futures]

Lily Allen hints at legal action in Twitter row about migrants with EDL’s Tommy Robinson [The Telegraph]

Solicitor in dock accused of stealing thousands of pounds from clients [Gazette Live]

Law needed to limit Brexit’s environmental impact, say MPs [BBC News]

Charles Falconer: Human rights are under threat — just when we need them most [The Guardian]

Apply now — Cornerstone Barristers Pupillage Open Evening [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Why not stay up North, still get a TC, and get pissed 4 nights per week on £1 Jagerbombs all whilst having your own room.” [Legal Cheek Comments]


Not Amused

Falconer fails to put forward an actual argument for why the UK, which has excellent domestic courts with outstanding records on Human Rights, must stay shackled to an external court which is heavily politicised, broken, not obviously competent and which has several judges appointed by dictator. It always boils down to ‘this is an important symbol’ and ‘I know it hasn’t had a positive impact on Dictator X yet, but I promise one day it will’.

We have the most successful multi racial, diverse and liberal society on the planet. Let’s stop wasting our time and money on this nonsense.

It is a bit like the EU. No *actual arguments* in favour, just hyperbole and virtue signalling.



Typical Guardian. Human rights aren’t under threat, human lives are under threat from extremist Islam (which, by the way, we wouldn’t have if those idiot liberals didn’t insist on mass immigration from third world Muslim countries). I’m sure the relatives of those killed in Berlin just now would happily exchange their right to not have their text messages read in return for their loved one’s lives. Privacy isn’t much use if you’re dead.



Hang ’em!


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