Number of male lawyers reaching out to advice helpline increases

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Calls to LawCare on the up overall


Advice helpline for lawyers LawCare has revealed its 2016 stats, and they show more men are reaching out for advice.

In 2015, 35% of calls made to LawCare were made by men. This rose to 38% in 2016, meaning a respective drop of three percentage points in female-made calls.

Phonecalls to the helpline, overall, are also on the up, rising by 12% between 2015 and 2016. The total number of calls for last year therefore stands at 912, and callers at 555.

The subject matter of these calls has remained broadly the same. Thirty-eight percent are being made by people worried about stress. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the ‘billable hour’ culture pushed by law firms. Lawyers often report feeling under pressure to stay late at work; stats collected by Legal Cheek show that, at some firms, junior lawyers leave the office at 9pm on average.

Reason for call:


Depression was the next most common cause of complaint (12%), then career development (11%). Seven percent of callers wanted to talk about bullying, and 3% about alcohol problems.

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of the charity, said:

We continue to raise awareness about what we provide, and the value of our service, to all sectors of the legal community. We want to encourage people in the legal profession to talk about their mental health and wellbeing, so we can tackle the stigma associated with it, particularly in the workplace.

You can contact LawCare here.

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Absolutely disgusted at how colleagues could bully another colleague. I thought it was something that only occurred at school.



It’s human/animal nature. The strong pray on the weak, especially when the weak are a bit annoying and not pulling their weight.

Being unattractive, a bit quirky and slower at your job than others is pretty much a giant “kick me” sign.

It’s not nice, it’s not right, but we all know it happens, and not just in law.


Jones Day Partner

Not surprised at the female numbers, here at JD ours are taken well care of…



This is now officially boring.



Hi Jones Day HR!


Your Friendly Veterinarian

“In 2015, 35% of calls made to LawCare were made by men. This rose to 38% in 2016, meaning a respective 3% drop in female-made calls.”

That isn’t how statistics work, I’m afraid…



Thank you for beating me to making this point.

I wish you a pleasant weekend filled with nice people, sunshine and puppies.



“In 2015, 35% of calls made to LawCare were made by men. This rose to 38% in 2016, meaning a respective 3% drop in female-made calls.”

No, this does not mean a 3% drop in calls by women. It means a 3% drop in the proportion of calls made by women. There were 912 calls in 2016, 62% of which were from women, i.e. 565, and 814 calls in 2015, 65% of which were from women, i.e. 529. So calls from women also rose, they just rose less than calls by men.



I think a better headline would be “women still disproportionately reach out to law advice hotline”



That’s because there is still a lot of stigma in a man “reaching out”.

Most internalise, and if it gets too unbearable they kill themselves. That’s why the male suicide rate is so high compared to women.



Now you’re being sexist



Women attempt suicide at a higher rate than men, but men are more likely to succeed. Conclusion: men are more competent than women.


Losing-it of Counsel

Here’s one for you.

Not workplace problems or hours too long.

Fed up with defending sex offenders.

10 years criminal practice, MC & CC.

Used to love it and the variety. Now it’s a glut of sex cases and I just want to disembowel many of my clients horribly, especially when I see the effects of the behaviour of these selfish snivelling self-righteous cowards on their victims.

Any alternative career suggestions?



This is why I always laugh when people on this website talk about corporate layers as being sell outs, compared to the noble defenders of liberty that are criminal layers. Bottom line, most people hauled in front of a magistrate, judge or jury are factually guilty. If you work in criminal defence, the vast majority of the time you’re trying to get guilty people acquitted. Not a noble profession in my book.



It is very unfortunate that members of the legal profession suffer seriously from stress, not to mention the plethora of other issues represented in these statistics. Though, every profession puts pressure on those working in it, and I think it’s great that there are resources dedicated to legal professions like this.

Perhaps one positive to take from this story is that a slightly larger proportion of men feel more comfortable with asking for help and reaching out, even if they do so anonymously or whatever. As another person has commented above, suicide rates are so much higher among men partly because our patriarchal culture which encourages the suppression of male emotion. Keep up the good work, LawCare!



I is calling law care coz of de discrimination and bullying LC give me by removing all me posts


Lady Lyle

LC has a cheek talking about bullying and suicide when it allowed my husband to be mercilessly bullied , day after day , for almost a year until he could no longer bear it and took his own life.



I know the above is a jokey comment, but it’s a bit rich for LC to preach about bullying when it goes on and on about Alan Blacker (cos it’s pure click bait) and then hosts a comments section underneath where both parties to the blacker story trade insults



He brought it on himself.

He’s gone, champ!



I’ve already done two hearings today and am on my way to a third 50 miles away. I can barely see I am so tired. Life at the junior end is tough.
Does it get better?


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