Tabloids whipped into frenzy over Amal Clooney pregnancy rumours as barrister wears ‘uncharacteristic loose dress’

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By Legal Cheek Reporter on

Could it be true?


Newspapers across the United Kingdom have become very excited over the suggestion Amal Clooney may be expecting her first child.

Accompanied by her actor hubby George, the Doughty Street Chambers barrister was pictured attending a special Netflix screening of documentary ‘The White Helmets’ in London on Monday evening.

It’s these pictures that have sent tabloid-tongues wagging. Appearing in what the Mirror describes as an “uncharacteristic loose dress”, the 38-year-old human rights specialist can be seen sporting a “small bump”. Apparently.

With several other tabloids running similar Clooney pregnancy rumour stories, the topic was even discussed at length on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Columnist Piers Morgan — who presents the show alongside Susanna Reid — suggested that the barrister’s bump “could be wind”, before clarifying “quite literally wind” due to the floaty style of her dress.


Reid remained unconvinced by the rumours. She claimed it is “ridiculous” to focus on someone’s waist size, before rising to her feet to prove her point and adding:

Literally, if any woman stands sideways to camera you could speculate that she’s pregnant.

This isn’t the first time Clooney has been at the centre of pregnancy speculation. Last year US supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer claimed that the human rights barrister was expecting her first child.

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