Tabloids whipped into frenzy over Amal Clooney pregnancy rumours as barrister wears ‘uncharacteristic loose dress’

Could it be true?


Newspapers across the United Kingdom have become very excited over the suggestion Amal Clooney may be expecting her first child.

Accompanied by her actor hubby George, the Doughty Street Chambers barrister was pictured attending a special Netflix screening of documentary ‘The White Helmets’ in London on Monday evening.

It’s these pictures that have sent tabloid-tongues wagging. Appearing in what the Mirror describes as an “uncharacteristic loose dress”, the 38-year-old human rights specialist can be seen sporting a “small bump”. Apparently.

With several other tabloids running similar Clooney pregnancy rumour stories, the topic was even discussed at length on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Columnist Piers Morgan — who presents the show alongside Susanna Reid — suggested that the barrister’s bump “could be wind”, before clarifying “quite literally wind” due to the floaty style of her dress.


Reid remained unconvinced by the rumours. She claimed it is “ridiculous” to focus on someone’s waist size, before rising to her feet to prove her point and adding:

Literally, if any woman stands sideways to camera you could speculate that she’s pregnant.

This isn’t the first time Clooney has been at the centre of pregnancy speculation. Last year US supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer claimed that the human rights barrister was expecting her first child.

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Piers Morgan is genuinely one of the most awful human beings ever to have existed.


I’d cry if I were you – having to troll any legal news website pretending to be a racist, sexist idiot to get my kicks.


I’m flattered to find you think I’m really just a soppy liberal at heart.


Nobody cares what you are, MrTrumpenGoldenShowersInAMoscowHotelRoom.


Really? I thought he would be a popular one among legal cheekers. You all seem to have the same arrogant pompous attitude he does and you all love to belittle eachother to feed your own egos.


Wow Clooney’s beard may be spawning baby Georges. I’m sure he and his hairdresser boyfriend will make good fathers.


What is your obsession with Amal?! She is allowed to be pregnant


Could it be true?

Well she is a female so the answer is yes.

Next question please…

I speak the truth...

Trumpenkrieg is a prize knob and a failed lawyer, no doubt now working in some benefits office in Barnsley…

Miss Proudman

Why can’t women wear slack clothes? Men do.

Absolute rubbish. If every time I wore slacks (aka fart trousers) someone said I were preggers then I’d have a house full of little nippers to look after whilst airbrushing my linked in picture.


Dear LC

I really admire the way you get these Amal stories in by disparaging reference to the tabloids. Nobody writes more Amal stories than you do! And they’re always trivial or speculative. Bearing in mind, too, that of course on LC they account for far more of the total of stories covered than they can ever do in a newspaper.

The Guardian is very skilled at covering populist stories by pretending to be commenting on the papers that break them. But, for legal stories at least, you’re in a league of your own.

I don’t object to the subject matter: I love stories about Mrs Clooney, Lord Harley, Peter Smith J, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. It just grates when you try to smuggle them in as “ooh look, the tabs are up to their tricks again – let us tell you what they’re saying”.

Yours sincerely

Pot & Kettle Finder-General

Biq diq

This article gives amazing insight into the legal profession! should be a must-read for any prospective lawyer!

Israeli Embassy

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A very weird person

At my Uni, along with the standard, Contract , Tort, Criminal etc modules , we now have an Amal Colony module, thanks to LC. One can also do a LLM on Amal Cloony studies or adoctorate on Amal Cloony’s bump

Anal Pooney

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