City University to build new £30 million law school

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Clerkenwell campus to receive major makeover with seven-storey structure

Image via Construction Enquirer

City, University of London is set to build an impressive £30 million law faculty in North London.

Legal Cheek understands that the new law school, which will be located at the university’s Clerkenwell campus, will feature an imposing seven-storey glass tower. The plans also include a new four-storey brick structure on the same site, plus the refurbishment of two existing properties.

Image via Construction Enquirer

With construction due to start this summer, the project — which is believed to be costing the University of London institute around £30 million — is due to be completed by May 2019.

The site of the new law faculty

Established in 1894, City’s law faculty is currently split over two sites. As well as its campus in Clerkenwell, the school has a building nestled in the heart of legal London at Gray’s Inn. The university currently offers a number of legal courses including the LLB, Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

Legal Cheek has contacted City, University of London for comment.

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City uni looks like shit



So does your mum



oh no he di’int



City LLB student spotted. Good luck getting a TC m8 lol



ooooo London Met raising the bar……



Are you dumb?


Took some time to consult with your mother, turns out the word is ‘hung’ not ‘dumb’, see you at Sunday lunch?


all our tuition fees



Haters gon hate 🤘



Could scarcely be worse than the existing institution



Looks amazing!



It looks a relatively modest building to me, how can it come to £30 million!?



City uni is a charity and a research institution. It’s a lot better to study there than a for-profit private equity backed outfit like BPP or the College of Law


Dave Barrister

Not-for-profit or otherwise, it is clear the exorbitant course fees (BPTC, I am looking squarely at you) are generating quite a bit of disposable income for City.

How about dropping the fees and making do with the adequate buildings you have. Classroom décor is not your clients’ *cough* students’ principle complaint is it?



The difference between principle and principal is quite important in law.


Dave Barrister

City Law School taught me the difference but I sloppily missed the typo when commenting on a legal blog because the knowledge was not conveyed in a fancy glass building. Shame, glad that’s being addressed.


Mr Lu Kim

You come to shitty university!


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