Morning round-up: Monday 20 February

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Woman in US abortion legal test case Roe v Wade dies [BBC News]

In Roe vs Wade, judges started using the law as a political tool — they haven’t stopped since [The Telegraph]

EU citizens living in the UK could face legal limbo after Brexit [The Observer]

Terror suspects use human rights law in bid to get their passports back [The Telegraph]

Sharia law rules in the Cotswolds! (Thanks to a male, middle-aged British judge) [Mail Online]

Judge Dame Lowell at head of Britain’s child abuse inquiry had “no real idea” of size of job [The Sun]

Madeleine McCann’s parents launch fresh legal battle over police claims they faked daughter’s abduction [The Independent]

Lord Neuberger thinks the media should have a “degree of responsibility” in its reporting, but isn’t that a curb on its liberty to speak out? [The Guardian]

City law firms could witness “100% overnight increase” in business rates [The Lawyer]

How to protect LGBT equality in the workplace [Future of Law Blog]

“The money is very good at the bar if you’re in decent sectors. The criminal bar is a joke, it has always been a joke and it’s not news to anyone.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Event: The future of litigation — Apply to attend [Legal Cheek Hub]