Posh cars (and even a horse-drawn carriage) descend on Westminster as barristers celebrate new silk status

And there were plenty of full bottomed wigs and silver buckled shoes too


There was a notable influx of full bottomed wigs and silver buckled shoes on social media earlier today, which can only mean one thing — it’s QC appointment day.

In what is quickly becoming a tradition within the profession, barristers — who have to cough up £2,160 each just to be considered by the appointments committee — have taken to Twitter to trumpet their new silk status.

This year, 113 barristers were deemed worthy enough to receive the coveted QC title. Of those who were given the nod back in January, just 31 (27%) are women, leaving men to scoop up the other 82 (73%) awards. This marks a marginal improvement on last year’s gender breakdown, when females accounted for 25 (23%) of the appointments, and men 82 (77%).

With the bar’s great and good descending on Westminster Hall this morning, Red Lion Chambers’ Kate Bex chose to arrive in style, punting for a horse drawn carriage.

Which appeared to feature its very own bubble machine.

Meanwhile St Philips Stone Chambers’ Dr Colin Ong opted for a classic motor.

Other fancy-looking cars arrived at Temple to whisk barristers off to Westminster.

Garden Court’s Di Middleton was chauffeured to the special event in what looked like a limousine.

While another barrister posed alongside a classic Roller.

But one newly-appointed silk enjoyed a more modest form of transport on the return journey.

Congratulations to all those who received their title today.

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This is profoundly embarrassing. What an awful display.


You feel shame for barristers taking part in a ceremony, or do you feel shame for how this article has been displayed? Gotta be clear, m8.


I’m referring to the barristers in the article, not to the article itself.


That’s a disconcertingly low shame threshold you have there. You should get that looked at.


Showing pride in a remarkable feat is not embarrassing in my book. The ceremony might be unusual but being unusual is great in today’s society.


I was wondering why there was a fucking gigantic Bentley outside Inner this morning.

Take the bus you prawns.


Yeah because a silk is going to take a bus dressed like that – the shoe silver alone is worth the odd mugging


Nothing like giving the Daily Mail a bit of ammo for their “overpaid out-of-touch lawyers” stories…


So the public perception of lawyers isn’t totally without foundation.


I don’t see this as a problem. Regardless of the daily mail’s constant attacks on the profession, this was a monumental day for all involved. Why should they not treat themselves to celebrate such a great achievement?! I wouldn’t say this was about the wealthy flashing the cash, but individuals being proud of themselves and marking the day with a special treat.

Iami Tafari

An nuh single Rasta mon as representation.
Nuh representation wid nuh Rastafatarian!


As if further evidence that barristers suffer from mental illness was needed.


I hear that the establishment have fast-tracked young Ronald Coyne into silk so that his little *ahem* indiscretion does not hold back his otherwise glowing career.

This is why he still hasn’t issued an apology- he was too busy getting dressed for the ceremony.


The silk who arrived at court in a horse drawn carriage is the same silk in the final photo on a bus. Kate Bex QC of Red Lion Chambers.

Iami Tafari who im big friend of Benjamin Zephaniah

Since wen does Rastafarian im hav to be black?


Never mind what the new QC’s are up to following their traditions – what has young Ronnie Coyne been up to recently, he has gone too quiet for my liking. Has any apology been issued yet ? Not yet I hear you say. Mummy has probably told her little darling that if he waits long enough ‘ all this will blow over and be forgotten ‘ . Well Ronnie it Will NOT. By the way Ronnie have you got any more good pranks scheduled for the end of term.


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