Addleshaw Goddard teams up with BPP to launch solicitor apprenticeships in Manchester and Leeds

Northern giant’s new recruits will start this September

Addleshaw Goddard has teamed up with BPP Law School to become the latest firm to offer earn-while-you-learn solicitor apprenticeships.

The outfit, which offers around 30 training contracts annually, has today confirmed that it will embrace the government-backed Trailblazer programme that sees talented school leavers work towards an LLB in legal practice and qualification as a solicitor.

Taking six years to complete, Addleshaws’ newbies — who will be based at the northern giant’s transaction services team (TST) in either Leeds or Manchester — will juggle paralegal-level work with part-time undergraduate study, courtesy of BPP. Apprentices will go on to complete their Legal Practice Course (LPC) and then the professional skills course before eventually qualifying as a fully-fledged solicitor. To be eligible for the programme, students must have obtained at least ABB at A-level.

It’s still not clear how many apprenticeships will be up for grabs, nor what they will pay. Similar earn-while-you-learn schemes see students start on around £15,000 a year.

Commenting on the announcement, Mike Potter, head of the TST at Addleshaws, said:

As a firm, we are committed to redesigning the way legal work is done, and passionate about providing a different approach to attracting, retaining and developing great people. We see apprenticeships as an invaluable opportunity for harnessing talent.

Confirming that applications will open later this month, Addleshaws is now one of a number of top firms to offer alternative routes to qualification. Mayer Brown, Burges Salmon, Eversheds Sutherland and Fletchers have all either implemented, or are in the process of implementing, the Trailblazer scheme.

Next month the government will introduce a new apprenticeship levy. Impacting businesses with annual pay bills in excess of £3 million (most if not all large law firms), the levy can be recouped, in part, to fund vocational training.

It is the government’s hope that this will encourage firms across the country to snap up more talented school leavers. And judging by the spate of apprenticeship announcements in recent months, the incentive appears to be working.

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These plastic solicitors will be second rate to those traditionally qualified.


Indeed. The problem with enlisting is that you’ll never be treated like an officer, even if you’re made into one later.


“transaction services team” is so clearly a euphemism for legal sweatshop.

Deceived and beasted NQ

But…but…they told me I’d be working for a global heavyweight law firm?! They said AG has one of the strongest brands in the world!

Irwin Mitchel Partner

You’ve obviously not heard of us then…


Glad to see “PI giant” Fletchers get another mention – that’s another few pence in Alex’s penny jar.


Given Fletchers’ annual revenues they’ll genuinely be paying Alex about 10p per puff piece, and 2p per mention.

Considering how many mentions there were as of recent Alex might have already earned enough to buy Katie a Kinder egg.

Tim Canterbury

It’s a title someone’s given you to get you to do something they don’t want to do for free – it’s like making the div kid at school milk monitor. No one respects it.


Not true. Because if people were rude to me I would give them their milk last. So it was warm.

Tyler Durden

I used to shoot a load into some of the milk cartons when nobody was looking.


“Teaming up with BPP” can only end well. Absolutely horrible institution.

I’ve done both the GDL and the LPC there and there’s honestly nothing positive I can say about that running-joke-law-school.


Hear, hear BPP is awful. The institution itself is unfriendly and very bureaucratic. In terms of the course (LPC), their materials are full of errors and typos as well. For the kind of money people and firms pay BPP for the course, the least they could do is to get a group of 5 external proofreaders who’d go over the chapters and seminar materials before these get distributed to the student.

Adam Deen

I’m surprised a Magic Circle firm like Addleshaw Goddard are doing this but hopefully they won’t reject me next time I apply


Haha – nice comment by Adam Deen there.

Addleshaw – the Clifford Chance of the north(ern powerhouse).

Horrible place to work by all accounts.


BPP is terrible. I did the “I am better than LPCers because I want to be a barrister” course and (as my adapted name suggests) such a horrible waste of a year of my life. The LPC kids were SO nice. The BVC ones – entitled pussies.

And that was in Leeds…. Leeds oh Leeds, this is not what Yorkshire is about. Real Yorkshire folk are REALLY nice and DOWN TO EARTH.

Peace out rudeboy

Junior Stewart at BPP Holborn is a living legend tho. Utmost respect to ma main homeboy.


It will be interesting, I think, to see if this pulls in Leeds Grammar School pupils.

As these are (I) more likely to get AAB, pro rata, than, say, Boston Spa comprehensive and (ii) are more likely to have the middle class morals of the equity partners of Addleshaws – versus, say, Mohandas Gandhi or Fidel Castro (or perhaps the Chamber of Commerce rather than Greenpeace) – they would be a better fit.

They will also likely be able to afford to live in places like the Calls, on their £15k, and so be close to the office for work and breakfast meetings with like Trailblazers at places like EY.

Crumbs, from a helicopter, they will look like the middle class of the empire – barely any more skill than any other person in the economy of their age, but with their hands close to the levers of wealth and power. Imagine being middle aged in 2019 in an employment dispute, fighting for your livelihood and family welfare, with some 20 year old talking down at you with the confidence of 2 years immersion in Addleshaws’ culture !

The key to it for the equity partners will be ensuring that exposing youngsters to the inequality of wealth and the social system that Addleshaws will reveal does not turn them into Che Guevaras or George Orwells. Destined for a middle class life, and somehow, they end up being prepared to die in a revolution for a new paradigm.

(George Orwell, former Etonian, was shot in the neck fighting with the Marxist POUM against the fascist General Franco forces in the Spanish Civil war, in 1936 fyi. I am not sure how well known that is in 2017)


I’m a bit disappointed that I am 4 – 0 down when, elsewhere in the thread, there has been talk of these apprentice solicitors being plastic and the transaction services team being a sweat shop…In these comments the thumbs up are winning 🙂

Thanks for asking. I am right though. There is a risk that such people will be terrors to creation. George Orwell himself, as an 18 year old entrant approx. into the Burma Police escorted a thief to the gallows. The glimmer of joy is that it affected him for the better. He was moved by the man pushing to avoid walking through a puddle with his bare feet, even though he was due to be executed in a few moments.

Just imagine the converse – a 19 year old former Leodensian (I think this is what Leeds Grammar call themselves) banging on the table in the Transaction Services Team with all the confidence of a public school education and right of access, and all the power of the county level athletic privilege that the school has afforded him, saying:

“This greed is so wrong….for goodness sake are we all going to follow these middle aged drones in the race of the species to the bottom…or are we going to stand up for youth, and for life, and bring this confidence trick to an end !?. We don’t have mortgages and debts like the staff in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties here and , now we have learned 80% of what they know in 10% of the time, it is us that must lead them. Not vice versa.”

Robert Kennedy and JFK will sit bolt upright in their graves when that happens.

But, if I have thought of the possibility, the equity partners will have too. They have dynastic wealth to enhance (or protect) afterall. This sharpens the mind.

Do you agree hun ?

House MD

You know these pills the doctor told you must take yeah? Focus for a second and think whether you took them today or not…

I know that you think. You sit there wondering “how did he know I forgot my pills today?!” Don’t worry… just a lucky guess… you’ll be fine…


Whats with these toilet paper apprenticeships? How about spending more resources on making GDL/LPC/BPTC fees less extortionate?


The new apprenticeship levy hits in April. Firms have got to find a way to spend 0.5% of their payroll on apprenticeships or will just lose it. Unfortunately unless someone finds a clever way to make the GDL/LPC into a Level 7 apprenticeship (they were going to try until the SRA decided both courses might not exist in the not-to-distant future), then there will be an upward trend of these type of opportunities.


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