BPP forced to replace this Friday’s BPTC opinion writing exam after students were accidentally sent a video recording of two tutors discussing mark scheme

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By Katie King on

Exclusive: Students now ‘more anxious’ about the assessment

BPP Law School has replaced a Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) exam paper after the university sent out a recording to students of two tutors talking about it.

The conversation between module leader and another tutor was taped as part of a revision webinar for the opinion writing assessment. BPP says this was circulated “in error” and because of this error the paper has been “compromised”.

The law school has taken the decision to replace the exam with facts that are “wholly unrelated” to the original. BPP students were informed of this on Wednesday, two days before they’re due to sit the test, in an email screenshotted below.

Last Friday, students sitting this exam were given a briefing sheet from which to do their prep work. This sheet contained information on the areas of law that would appear in the exam. BPP has informed students these areas of law are to remain the same in the new paper, bar two.

A student impacted by the paper switch-up told us:

…BPTC students are now feeling far more anxious about sitting what is already a pretty challenging exam.

She also said:

It doesn’t help that our drafting exam [was on Wednesday], so essentially we only have one day to re-do all of our preparation ahead of the exam.

When we got in touch with BPP, a spokesperson issued this comment:

We have substituted another paper which involves the same areas of law covered in revision sessions and on the briefing sheet.

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