Article 50 has been triggered

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Theresa May has done the deed, despite confusion about its revocability

A grand total of 279 days after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has today officially triggered Article 50.

As per the relevant law in the Lisbon Treaty, the UK has notified the European Council of its intention to wave bye bye to its continental partners and negotiate a withdrawal agreement instead. Article 50 was triggered the moment the UK’s EU ambassador — who took the Eurostar to Brussels last night — handed the six-page letter to the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

Article 50(3) states the European treaties will cease to apply to the withdrawing country two years after notification is given (29 March 2019), unless it’s unanimously decided this date will be pushed back. This essentially gives us two years to negotiate a deal, however many predict it will take far longer.

Though this is the clearest sign to date the government intends to see Brexit through, there’s still lawyer-led speculation about whether or not today’s Article 50 notification is revocable.

While a “leaked European parliament resolution” suggests the UK will be able to revoke its notification, subject to conditions, an Irish High Court case on this issue is still pending. Jolyon Maugham QC — whose crowdfunding efforts helped pay for December’s Brexit Supreme Court challenge — launched the campaign to find out if the UK can backtrack on today’s decision if the Brexit deal is a poor one. Expect an update from Maugham on this in the coming days.

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How can you vote that down?


Lord Farage

Brilliant news!! UK will be great again. No more immigrants running to seek benefits and ruining this country.



Our second female PM is going to be remembered the same way Mags is….only she’s a coward too.



*Remembered by reactionary Leftists who are a minority in the country



I do not think even Margaret Thatcher’s fiercest political opponents and critics would describe her as a coward.



I interpreted LegalRec as saying as well as having some of the facets that good ol Maggie is “fondly” remembered for, she also happens to be a coward in addition to those.

I don’t think anybody would seriously call Thatcher a coward. That she wasn’t…



LOLZ meanwhile the left offer us what ? JC?! (Jeremy Corbyn, not Jesus Christ, although I understand the two are often mistaken for each other!)



And here’s to 2+ years of anything going wrong in Britain being blamed on Brexit


Tim Farron

This is theft of democracy.



Wonder if Not Amused wants to comment on her confidence on the myth of equivalence and retention of financial passporting again ? No ? Thought not…

Choo choo – all aboard for the journey to Clusterfuck Central. Expected time of arrival – 2 years..






2 years isn’t a time of arrival, just saying.



LC – link to the PDF of the Art 50 letter please. Sky News got a copy of it, I am sure you were sent one as well, serious journalists that you are (lol). In the meantime, I am off to get some popcorn.



Top Bantz


Bolton LLB

Good. Begin the deporting too. Maybe now I can finally bag a bleedin’ training contract.



Sorry to be the one to tell you (actually on reflection I’m not sorry), but you probably don’t have a training contract due to your poor intelligence/work ethic/social skills/body odour. Your odious political views may also be a factor.


Bolton LLB

Nope. It’s the foreners.



It says a lot about your capabilities when you acknowledge that you need people to be removed from the country to even have a chance of securing a training contract.


Bolton LLB

I have a 2:2 from a top 10 university in the North West, and I’ve attended no less than three insight evenings. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.



It says something about your gullibility when you can’t spot a troll when you see one.



Well, trolls are trolls because they can’t be seen (anonymous). If they can, then they’d just be dicks.



We need to ban European students gaining places at Russell Group universities and applying for jobs in the financial and legal sectors. Before anyone cries “racism bla bla”, this is the same approach in the US and Australia for the past 20 years. At Harvard, Yale etc – maximum of 5% can be international students. Same thing in working at Wall Street or New York Law firm – its mainly for US students.



That’s funny- Harvard seems to think 11.4% of its students are international.



And seeing as you made up some nonsense, I feel obliged to cry “racism bla bla.”



Scared of a bit of competition?

The entire European financial and legal sector is open to you as well. Maybe you could do what other young Europeans are doing and profit from the freedom of movement the EU offers?

Or just blame others for your own shortcomings… that works too I guess.



EU countries are racist and discrimate against British students.


Bingo Berry

Absolutely superb news


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