Browne Jacobson admits it ‘incorrectly attributed’ praise for its solicitors to the Legal 500, when it was actually written by the firm

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Exclusive: The testimonies have now been deleted from the lawyer profiles

London law firm Browne Jacobson has admitted to Legal Cheek it attributed some of the praise given to its solicitors to The Legal 500, but it was actually written, says the firm: “on behalf of some of our lawyers.”

Partner Nick Parsons’ profile contained a line, purporting to be from the 2016 The Legal 500, describing his involvement in “many high profile and complex cases”.

Nick Parsons’ firm profile

While this information does feature in his Legal 500 profile (screenshot below), we have been informed the extract used on Parsons’ profile was not written by the legal directory but by the firm.

Nick Parsons’ Legal 500 profile

The same is true of another lawyer at the firm, Sarah Erwin-Jones. Take a look at the two screenshots below.

Sarah Erwin-Jones’ firm profile
Sarah Erwin-Jones’ Legal 500 profile

Since we contacted the firm about this, both Parsons’ and Erwin-Jones’ profiles have been altered. Browne Jacobson issued this statement to us:

All of our website content is centrally coordinated and due to a genuine administrative error we incorrectly attributed some content on our website to The Legal 500 on behalf of some of our lawyers. As soon as it was brought to our attention we worked swiftly to amend those pages that had been affected.

When asked who had written the content if not the directory, we were told “the content for firm and/or partner profiles is coordinated centrally”.

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Lol… they’re not a London firm, has an office yes but their HQ is in Nottingham.



The title of the article makes no sense



Not very catchy either



why not


Fashion Victim who loves LC for its glamourous fashion and celebrity articles.

Can we have more Amal Cloony stuff please)



Firms all write their own Chambers and Legal500 stuff anyway.



so true!!

its not an independent or objective description of their strengths – more like an out – of – date and old fashioned advertisement



Rubbish firm.



Don’t you think this article smacks of an author who doesn’t understand how these things work? I quite like reading LC but it’s hardly investigative journalism more gleeful ad hominem gutter press style shite.


Jones Day trainee

‘Brown Jacobson’ is what a call a really bad case of the beer shits after a big night on the piss.


Adam Deen

Hey, what’s it like at Jones Day? I love pretending I work there and would be good to get some tips to make it believable



What even are you ^^


Adam Deen

Ask your mum. Or dad 😉



Pretty poor.



Poor indeed making up quotes about your lawyers and then to claim its an admin error – dont these people know anything about quality control! not sure whats worse – marketing telling lies or the lawyers not knowing what was on their profiles on their own website


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In the woods there grew a tree.. and a fine, fine tree was he!


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